Guillermo Mariscal durante el Pleno del Congreso de los Diputados

  • The general secretary of the GPP and deputy for Las Palmas announces an amendment to the motion that offers the Government “an opportunity to rectify” its policy, which says that an agreement must be sought and, therefore, the paralysis of the legislation clearly harmful to the interests of the Canary Islands, and that a calendar of meetings between both governments be established.
  • It also requires that there be "absolute priority" in the face of the harmful formulas that the Algerian Government raises about territorial waters that are clearly located above the Cabrera Natural Park.
  • Remember that the Moroccan Congress approved this legislation on January 22 and on January 24, Morocco visited the Minister of Foreign Affairs, “but the effect of that visit is that on February 4 the Moroccan Senate approved the same text, which demonstrates the huge loss of credibility of our country. ”
  • He points out that if Algeria has even twice canceled the visit of the Spanish Foreign Minister to this country or they want to reduce the CAP by 20%, it is because “the credibility of Spain has been reduced”.
  • He affirms that "this Government wields dialogue, not as a democratic tool, but substitutes certainty, legislation, international law for the word dialogue, in a very clear exercise of permanent cession." "That is the dialogue for the socialist government," he emphasizes.
  • He affirms that this demonstrates the “enormous weakness of the Government and that it is a Government that we do not know what are the interests that it defends, nor what are its priorities”. "Sanchez's only concern is the blue bank, to remain in the presidency of the Government, at whatever cost," he denounces.
  • He regrets that "the bite that has occurred in the Spanish territorial waters near the Canary Islands has failed to awaken this Government in its continued political action to divide the Spaniards."
  • He recommends to the ministers that they do “an accelerated training course to know what the territory of the State they are going to administer includes, because it is evident that both the Foreign Minister and Mr. Ábalos do not know it”.

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