Guillermo Mariscal durante el Pleno del Congreso de los Diputados

• The general secretary of the GPP denounces the absence of a Plan for deconfinition: "After 40 days with the Spaniards locked in their homes, we still do not have a date, or specific areas or new sectors to start deconfinement"

• Stresses that the future of the country depends on that Plan, "but also on the certainties that the Government is capable of offering and the confusion that it ceases to cause"

• He reproaches Illa for the swings of the Executive in his decision on children: “Sánchez announced on Saturday that they could leave their homes accompanied; yesterday morning, the government spokeswoman said that the walks could only be to supermarkets, pharmacies or banks and in the afternoon, you told us that these small walks could be done without a specific destination ”

• Calls for responses to the specific decision on children: “Are the experts on Saturday the same as yesterday? Who are the experts? Do the criteria change or do the experts change? Has the criteria for following the experts changed? Are political wars between you now the new criteria? ”

• Demands that the Government "as a novelty" in its management of the crisis tell the truth now, because "it will help restore confidence and because on the truth we can rebuild our country"

• Urges Illa to clear all the unknowns about the lack of confidence – when? How? – and asks her to know: “What calendars do they manage? What are the indicators that will allow it to start? What Communities, provinces, islands or municipalities are going to be the first? ”

• Reminds the minister of the situation in the Canary Islands: “La Gomera and El Hierro have been without a new case for two weeks and La Graciosa has not registered any in this crisis. With what scientific criteria are they kept confined? What do the municipalities that are in the same circumstances have to wait for? ”

• “If the pandemic is global, as you say, and affects the entire world equally, why do we see how other nearby countries resume their activity while here we continue with a confinement of the strictest in the world, if not the most ? ”

• It indicates that if the Government does not answer all the questions of the PP, it is because “it still does not know when it will be able to provide diagnostic tests and masks to the entire population”. "Only in this way can we reach a progressive and sensible lack of understanding that allows us to regain normality and the future," he remarks.

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