The Minister of Culture and Sport in office, José Guirao, has highlighted "the feat" achieved by the team of the Segovian municipality of Nava de la Asunción, of 2,800 inhabitants.

The acting Minister of Culture and Sports, José Guirao, received the Nava Handball Club team at the Ministry's headquarters, which has recently achieved promotion to the ASOBAL league, the highest category of national handball.

After a career of promotion in a few years and a great season in its debut in the Silver Honor Division, the club of the small Segovian town of Nava de la Asunción, with just 2,800 inhabitants, has achieved great sports success that will will allow you to play alongside the best Spanish clubs.

After greeting the entire team one by one, José Guirao, who has been accompanied by the Secretary of State for Sport, María José Rienda, thanked on behalf of the Government of Spain for the success of the Nava Handball Club, whose "prowess" in words of the minister, constitutes "an example for all Spain". "You have shown how small things can be done from small places," he said.

In his speech, José Guirao stressed that when speaking of emptied Spain, this club is "a good example that without a lot of money, without great equipment, but with a great hobby, with perseverance and effort, you can reach higher".

The Nava Handball Club has 43 years of history and the unconditional support of a local supporter that supports the team in all its games. Nearly a thousand Nava de la Asunción fans go to the municipal pavilion "Warriors Naveros" in each meeting.

Sport above all

Ministry of Culture and Sports"We think that your club and your people bring together all those values ​​that make sport stand above other issues and be an example for all of society," said José Guirao.

"Sport has in its favor that it is an element of social and cultural integration of the first level.In sport, we work as a team, we value individual and collective effort and do not ask if one has three careers or a half career, if one it is rich or poor, or even where it comes from, what is valued is the effort and the result, and it has moral virtues, a healthy life, that move an entire community. "

Finally, after congratulating and encouraging the entire team, the minister joked that he would like to celebrate the League championship with the Nava Handball Club next year, although he has pointed out afterwards that the first challenge will be to achieve permanence and achieve achieve to be on top of the table, "little by little".

The members of the team's squad were present at the reception, led by their coach Daniel Gordo, accompanied by the club's president, Julián Mateo, the club's management team and the mayor of Nava de la Asunción, Juan José Maroto.

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