Hazard: "My usual dream was to play at Real Madrid and that's why I'm happy"

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NEWS | 10/28/2019

The Belgian striker was the protagonist of a new installment of the ‘Field of Stars’ program of Realmadrid TV.

Eden Hazard He starred in a new installment of Star Field of Realmadrid TV. The forward reviewed his football career and his signing for the white club: "My dream was always to play in the Real Madrid, the best club in the world, and that's why I'm happy. Courtois He always told me it was the best club. I had already made the decision when the World Cup ended and I told myself ‘I have to go to the Real Madrid'. It was not possible and I stayed another year at Chelsea, that made my departure easier. The club understood and let me out. Talk to Florentine and told me that they were waiting for me in the Madrid. Then I also talked with Modric and I felt that everyone wanted to see me in the Real Madrid, and finally it was fulfilled. "

His passion for football

"At the beginning everything started as a sibling game, we were always watching football. When we ate, when we did our homework … and when we had five minutes we played football. We always wanted to play in a field near home because there was a big door. it's how it all started. The house wasn't big but we always found a way to put the sofa or something else to do the goal. When I play I always think I've been lucky enough to turn this sport into my job. "


"For anyone in football Zidane It is a reference. Everyone is excited about how he played. When I was a child I loved it, I watched their matches and I wanted to see Zidane doing whatever it was, I liked everything. "

When I play I always think that I have been fortunate to turn this sport into my work.

"When he retired I didn't think he was going to become a coach so fast. But then things made him come here and me too. With my idol as a coach, learning by his side makes me happy. He's honest and he talks when he has to talk, has been a player and knows what the player needs. "


"I play for this shirt. When I enter the field and see the Bernabeu I'm happy. That's why I'm here to play in this field and help my teammates. For me it is a dream, it is to play in the best club in the world. We will give everything to win the Champions, the League and the Cup. At the end of the season we have to raise some title, one, two, three or four. What we hope is to win and I, for my part, hope to do my best, win games and that everything goes well. "

The Champions

"For me, as I said the first day, the Champions League It is important. In London I only reached the semifinals once, Chelsea had won their only Champions just the year before I arrived. In previous seasons many have been won and it is difficult to win again every year because there are many teams, but I am here to win it because it is important for everyone and for me too. "

Parent's Advice

"Now with 28 years and in the Real Madrid, keep on having fun and enjoy the moment of each game. The fans are there to have fun and you are in the field to do something and make them happy. That was the advice of my parents, I always listened to them and that's why I think it went well. "

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