• “On November 10 we will present the best of each Autonomous Community to the Senate and to the Congress with the aim of making Pablo Casado the next president of the Government of Spain.
  • Bet on "regionalize, municipalize and provincialize" the next elections to achieve "an unparalleled mobilization" that further improves surveys that reflect a very positive trend for the PP
  • It highlights the work of the more than 300 regional parliamentarians that the PP has in Spain, as well as that of the regional presidents of the party, the 20,336 councilors and 2,851 mayors who are “the pride of the Popular Party”
  • Stresses the work of the autonomous governments of the PP and in some cases the "difficult and complicated" opposition work of people like Paco Núñez, Luis María Beamonte, María José Saénz de Buruaga, José Antonio Monago and Alfonso Alonso
  • Contrast the programs, ideas, principles and values ​​of the PP against the rest of political formations, as well as the tax reduction proposed by Pablo Casado against the “fiscal hell” of Pedro Sánchez
  • He regrets the "worrisome" figures of the EPA that "the Socialist Party took a walk" last Thursday and denounces that today there are 17,200 more families with all their unemployed members and 17,000 women and 18,000 more youth unemployed and 30,000 less autonomous . ”The PP proposals will help change this trend,” he says
  • "The PP is synonymous with welfare, growth, unlocking and, from November 10, we will be synonymous with Government with Pablo Casado"
  • He criticizes the double discourse of the left that in Madrid says that it fights the demographic challenge but closes in Teruel a thermal power plant that affects many jobs and families

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