Los diputados del Partido Popular Elvira Rodríguez y Mario Garcés


  • The deputy spokesman of the GPP affirms that the triple lie of the Government is verified: “he has lied to his partners or his partners were complicit in a global lie, because the expenditure ceiling grows 8,000 million when the government pact committed to a rise of public expenditure of 35,000 million; He has lied to Brussels, because primary spending grows three times as recommended by the EU; and he has lied to the Spaniards, because he knew that the growth conditions were not what he managed to determine the budgetary indicators. ”
  • The GPP economic coordinator also stresses that "it is the story of a forced landing." "At some point the Government was going to become aware of reality and today we have verified that the Government has decided to tell the truth – and it was about time – the growth was not as expected," he adds.
  • “The Government has buried the precious asset of multilateralism for the State Public Treasury by agreeing that the Catalan Minister of Finance did not attend the Fiscal and Financial Policy Council. Consent that it was not, that he did not delegate the vote and, from there, that the path of stability for all communities, with the absence of Catalonia, would be established, constitutes an absolutely defining act ”.


  • The vice-secretary of the PP says that "the Government has thrown in the towel in real growth, employment and business investment."
  • He assures not to see the budget balance: “the public debt continues to increase, with the low growth rates we do not leave the hole of the public debt, the fiscal effort of 2020 is minimal, and the low job creation and the very low investment increases or gross fixed capital formation means lack of trust. ”
  • “The obligation of a government is to set the necessary conditions for growth and employment. In the forecasts of the Government we do not see it. With the data offered in the Council of Ministers, the spending rule is not met. We will see what Europe says when they are sent the new budget forecasts, because this is not doing their homework. ”

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