In addition, the campaign indicates where they should submit a claim, friendly or judicial, if their rights have not been respected.

Thus, the brochure financed by the European Union Consumption Program, makes some general recommendations such as designing the menus in advance to adjust to the preferences of the guests, the amounts of ingredients and the processing times and insists on trying to be healthy and prevent meals from being copious. In addition, he insists on ensuring that the establishments have a sanitary registry.

Once at home you also have to keep food in the right way and be careful especially with those who are going to take raw. If it is fish, it must be frozen for added safety.

When making the purchase when it comes to food packaged on the label, it should be checked that it appears: name of the food, list of ingredients, allergens, quantity of certain ingredients or certain categories of ingredients, date of minimum duration or expiration date and special conditions of conservation and / or use.

It must also include the name or business name and address of the food business operator; country of origin or place of origin when so provided; How to use if, in the absence of this information, it was difficult to make proper use of food and beverages with more than 1.2 percent alcohol, the volumetric alcoholic strength acquired and nutritional information.

In the case of bulk food, its name, allergens, quantity of an ingredient or category of ingredients and alcoholic strength, as well as in packaging, in beverages with a graduation greater than 1.2 percent in volume should be known .

What is differentiated quality and how to recognize it?

The same brochure explains that Differentiated Quality products are protected by quality regimes known as Protected Designation of Origin (PDO), Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) and Traditional Guaranteed Specialty (ETG).

These carry a specific label and they are products originating in a specific place (region or country) or with a certain production method or traditional recipe.

Buy food online

Regarding the purchase of products online, the website must include the data that helps identify the person responsible, such as name or company name, address or business register, in order to claim if there is any irregularity.

When the product is received Consumption recommends checking that it corresponds to what has been ordered and arrives in optimal conditions of consumption, that the packaging is presented in full, that the labeling is in Spanish and includes the mandatory information, the expiration date or preferential consumption and that arrives in the suitable conditions of conservation.

If your rights have not been respected, claim

If the rights of the consumer have not been respected, it is advisable to know that it can be claimed in a friendly way through the Consumer Services of the Autonomous Communities, from the Municipal Consumer Information Offices, the Consumers and Users Associations and the European Consumer Center, if you reside in Spain but you want to claim against a company from another EU member state, Norway and Iceland.

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