The Official State Gazette today publishes the Order of the Minister of Health establishing the conditions for the reopening of hotels and tourist accommodation to the public, within the framework of easing certain restrictions established after the declaration of the state of alarm and in implementation of phase 1 of the Plan for the transition to a new normality.


Hotels and accommodation may be reopened to the public
tourism that had suspended its opening to the public, with the following conditions and limitations:

To the restaurant and cafeteria services of hotels and tourist accommodation, the provisions of Chapter IV of the Order (Conditions for the reopening to the public of terraces of hotel and restaurant establishments) will apply in general. However, exclusively for hosted clients, catering and any other service that is necessary for the proper provision of the accommodation service will be provided. These services will not be provided in the common areas, which will remain closed.

The use of swimming pools, spas, gyms, mini clubs, children's areas, discotheques, meeting rooms and all those similar spaces that are not essential for the use of hotel accommodation or tourist accommodation will not be allowed.

The Order includes hygiene and / or prevention measures that are required from establishments and specific to customers.


Active and nature tourism activities may be carried out for groups of a maximum of up to ten people, by companies registered as active tourism companies in the corresponding competent administration. They will be arranged, preferably, by appointment.

Active tourism activities may not be carried out in establishments or premises intended for this activity, the common areas of which must remain closed to the public, except those corresponding to the reception area and, where appropriate, toilets and changing rooms.

In the activities, the interpersonal safety distance of two meters will be guaranteed. When the safety distance cannot be maintained, protective equipment appropriate to the level of risk should be used.

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