The Official State Gazette today publishes the Order of the Minister of Health establishing the conditions for the reopening to the public of terraces of the hotel and restaurant establishments in the framework of the relaxation of certain restrictions established after the declaration of the state of alarm and in application of phase 1 of the Plan for the transition to a new normality.

For the purposes of this Order, open terraces shall be considered to be any uncovered space or any space that, while being covered, is laterally surrounded by a maximum of two walls, walls or walls.

The open-air terraces of hotel and restaurant establishments may be reopened to the public, limiting themselves to 50% of the tables allowed in the immediately preceding year based on the corresponding municipal license. You must ensure that the proper physical distance of at least two meters is maintained between the tables or, where appropriate, groupings of tables.

In the event that the hotel and restaurant establishment obtains the permission of the City Council to increase the surface area for the outdoor terrace, the number of tables may be increased, respecting, in any case, the 50% proportion between tables and available surface and carrying out a proportional increase in the pedestrian space in the same section of the public road where the terrace is located.

The maximum occupation will be ten people per table or group of tables. The table or group of tables used for this purpose must be in accordance with the number of people, allowing the minimum interpersonal security distance to be respected.

In the provision of the service on the terraces of the hotel and restaurant establishments, hygiene and / or prevention measures must be carried out such as cleaning and disinfection of the terrace equipment, in particular tables, chairs, as well as any other contact surface, between one client and another; prioritization of single-use tablecloths, etc.

The use of cards in common use will be avoided, opting for the use of own electronic devices, blackboards, posters or other similar means, and self-service products such as napkin rings, toothpick holders, cruets, oil cans, and other similar utensils will be eliminated, prioritizing disposable monodose or its service in other formats upon customer request.

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