The insurers' income from the sale of policies at the end of last September amounted to 48,327 million euros, 0.23% more than a year ago. Of this amount, 27,360 million euros corresponded to the branch of non-life and the remaining 20,967 million to life, as shown by the provisional data collected by Cooperative Investigation of Insurance Entities (ICEA). The turnover of the non-life branch increased by 2.90% in annual terms. The improvement of this activity is based on the pull of all business lines, with special mention of health and multi-risk policies. The health insurance item picked up 4.12%, to 6,677 million. Meanwhile, insurance that protects real estate (whether homes, shops, industries or neighboring communities) grew by 3.64%, to 5,556 million. The so-called "various insurance" and the automobile industry also had an outstanding performance. The first insurance group increased its biannual turnover by 2.96%, to 6,635 million. Under the term "various insurance" are the protections most linked to economic activity. The car business increased its income by another 1.44%, to 8,493 million, and is still the activity that reports the most revenue in the entire non-life block. The savings managed in life insurance products, measured through technical provisions, reached 194,589 million euros at the end of September. This amount represents an interannual increase of 3.69%, according to ICEA estimates. The evolution of the different branches is offered below.

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