This morning at the CEOE headquarters, the meeting of the Fad Board of Trustees was held, chaired by Her Majesty the Queen, Honorary President of the entity. Doña Letizia has been accompanied by the president of CEOE, Antonio Garamendi; the president of Fad, Ignacio Bayón; and the rest of Fad's employers.

During the meeting, the action plan for next year 2020. Among the planned actions, the launching of a new awareness campaign that aims to warn about the risk of minors participating in sports betting or gambling with money. The campaign, created by the Arnold Spain agency, will be broadcast thanks to the collaboration of the media, most of them present at the Fad Board of Trustees

According to the ESTUDES, 2018 survey by the Government Delegation for the National Drug Plan, 10.3% of young people aged 14 to 18 have played online betting money in the last year. In person, 22.7% did so.

In the field of Educational programs, in the meeting of the Board of Trustees the advances in the project have been shared (In) form, an initiative of Google and Fad to promote critical thinking and media literacy in the adolescent population aged 14 to 16 who are studying 3rd and 4th of the ESO in Spanish schools. Since its launch, in September 2019, more than 2,000 teenagers have participated and about 30,000 are expected in two years.

In addition, the planned renewal in 2020 of the program has been commented Master Action, a BBVA and Fad project that has been supporting educational innovation in schools for more than a decade.

In this sense, Magisterial Action will take a turn in which it will bet on the Ecology of Learning, a model that defends the need to incorporate in the formative processes of young contexts and agents outside the school that offer opportunities, resources and tools to learn, and have a growing influence on the processes of formation and development of people. Especially for them to acquire the key competences that make them global, creative and responsible citizens such as, for example, lifelong learning, critical thinking, adaptability or the ability to negotiate or work collaboratively.

There has also been talk of other programs such as Connected, a project to promote the good use of the technology developed thanks to the support of Google and BBVA, which in 2020 intends to expand its target audience and reach schoolchildren between 9 and 12 years old.

Refering to trainingIn the course of the meeting, the next launch of courses aimed at fathers and mothers on how to treat game problems in the family. For professionals (teachers, mediators), the launch of a course is being prepared to know how to detect and prevent the problems associated with the use of video games In children and youth.

In the field of investigation Different studies have been presented that will be released throughout 2020, all of them carried out by the Reina Sofía Center on Adolescence and Youth of Fad, which has the support of Banco Santander and Telefónica.

These include, among others, an investigation into the hate speech sexist; another on how adults see teenagers; he Technology Barometer that will analyze how technology has become a transversal and ubiquitous axis in the lives of young people; or about the gambling perception In minors.

A new edition of the Synthetic Comparative Youth Development Index 2020 and it will deepen the Capacity Index that takes into account almost 100 variables in 5 areas: education, health and well-being, employment, emancipation, and ICT. Both indexes analyze the degree of development of Spanish youth and compare it with the reality of their European peers.

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