The reaction has come to Spain and the emergence of VOX in the European Parliament will allow the voice of millions of Spaniards to reach the technocrats in Brussels.

TO Hermann Tertsch politics has never been foreign to him. He never considered, however, being a candidate of any party. Until today. Spain is in danger and needs brave Spaniards who, like Tertsch, take a step forward to defend their union and integrity.

As a man of letters, the cultural battle is one of his main concerns. The social democratic roll to which the other parties have been folded turns alternative thinking in marginal in the eyes of public opinion. That's why Tertsch is here today.

The European reaction is a reality. The tiredness of citizens is the consequence of decades of neglect on the part of the elites. In their glass towers, bureaucrats have been oblivious to the problems of a society that has said enough. That's why Tertsch is here today.

Europe is much more than the European Union. Europe is Rome. Europe is Madrid. Europe is Berlin. Europe is Paris. Europe is Brussels, in spite of everything. Europe will be an association of sovereign nations that cooperate freely. Or it will not be.

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