El diputado y portavoz de Energía del GPP, Alberto Herrero Bono

• The GPP Energy spokesperson asks the person appearing, the general director of the Federation of Chemical Industry Spain, what the closure and elimination of the Nissan plant in Barcelona and Alcoa in San Cibriao means for their sector.

• Regrets yesterday's statements by Vice President Iglesias in which he assured that the nationalization of the companies would be an excellent measure for the reactivation of the Alcoa plant.

• He points out that the instability created as a result of the formation of this Government and its multiple rectifications offer devastating data: "36% of the active population is in an ERTE, that is, they are already unemployed."

• Stresses that the chemical industry is "one of the key sectors for the economy and development of Spain, it contains more than 3,300 companies, produces 13.4% of GDP and generates more than 670,000 jobs".

• He denounces that "the industrial sector is one of the most suffering the inaction and rectifications of the Government, in which one day it says one thing and the same day it says the opposite."

• Stresses that "a large company supports at least 500 small and medium-sized companies" and warns that "the large multinational companies that are in Spain today may be in China tomorrow", for which he criticizes Vice President Iglesias for proposing a tax on big enterprises.

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