We tell you why Corcira's evil has been one of the hits of the summer

Get a best seller, or as they say in English, a best seller, This is what all publishers dream of and yet it is something really difficult to achieve. Are there guidelines for achieving editorial success? They do not exist as such, although there are some common points in most of the "chosen" books, those that survive on the table of novelties for months and months, those books that everyone talks about and that may even conquer new ones. formats and are adapted to the big screen or turned into a series.

Do you want us to tell you more? Keep reading, together we will try to discover why some books are touched by fortune. We will draw on a recent case: Corcira's evilby Lorenzo Silva. The last novel by Bevilacqua and Chamorro has undoubtedly been the book of the summer, dragging the rest of the novels in a series that is more than twenty years old.

The ingredients for a best seller

1) Create something unique

They say that about love, hate, war … everything is written. But no. A story can have something unique: the voice, the intensity, the focus, the psychology of the characters, the settings … Something that sets it apart from everything else. Present and future. In the case of The evil of Corcira, Lorenzo Silva brings us closer to the violence of ETA and the war between brothers that was generated in the Basque Country, just as Thucydides novel the harshness of the war in Corcira (current Corfu).

What has made it special to readers? One of the keys to the success of the novel could be the how. "Silva portrays the Civil Guard with a care similar to that of Le Carré when he writes about British espionage", in the words of Antonio Muñoz Molina. Another, confronting his beloved Bevilacqua with his own demons. And also, tell us more about what happened in the eighties in the fight against terrorism.

And is that It is no coincidence that this novel has been one of the most read this summer. Let's continue.

2) Bet on something big

What happens if behind a phenomenon, a best seller, is there something bigger? Do you know that feeling of finishing a novel and needing more? Well, with sagas and series, the pleasure is served since readers are always faithful to those lives that move them, with which they feel, suffer, cry … So to the author who thinks and writes big, life can give readers to the same extent.

Take the case of Lorenzo Silva. Now twenty-two years have passed since the series began, which is to say little. A literary project to which he has dedicated half his life that was born in the solitude of his desk. Delivery after delivery, Bevilacqua and Chamorro have been conquering readers, recognitions such as the Nadal Prize (2000) and the Planeta Prize (2012) and the applause of the critics. And these have dragged others, and now, with the success of Corcira's evil there are many who are discovering the other titles in the saga. And all together, it makes this the year of Bevilacqua and Chamorro.

3) A good reception

We have all done that of seeing a friend reading something new and we have asked him: «What, how are you? Would you recommend it to me? ».

A key factor for a best seller is that the book is well received by critics, that it is well valued. But it is not enough, you, readers, are also very important, the great engine. That is why an essential factor for a book to work well are your recommendations, those readings shared as a family, going to a dinner and asking: "Has anyone read the new Bevilacqua?" That need to share it, to talk about the novel. Corcira's evilFor example, it has become a phenomenon of word of mouth among readers, who have filled the networks of positive evaluations since the book was published in June and who still continue to share their enthusiastic opinions today. 👇🏼

And it is that at the end of the day an author can put everything on his side, pour his soul into each page he writes. But the work is not complete until it reaches the readers, which is when a book really comes to life. And it will be the readers who decide if the author has given them a masterpiece, if the story has reached them more than the previous installment, if they stay reading until dawn because they are dying to know more and if, ultimately, that book is going to become a best seller.

All the power you have the readers. And it is a wonderful feeling to know that you are there, on the other side, to close the circle. So if you haven't read the summer book yet Corcira's evil, Bevilacqua and Chamorro are waiting for you! 😜

And if you have already devoured the last work of Lorenzo Silva, do not miss these 100 essential books that are conquering readers' hearts wherever they go. Happy reading!

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