• The Mint " the enormous degradation of the quality of care in Camas and the tremendous impact it is having on the population, where we have regressed decades as a result of decisions that prevent, for example, direct doctor-patient treatment

Seville, September 27, 2020. The Municipal Group VOX in the City of Beds has demanded this Sunday the reopening of the outpatient clinics in Carambolo, Coca and Pañoleta, closed to the public from the first day of the state of alarm until today.

The municipal spokesperson for VOX, Ignacio Muniz, Has justified the call for a large demonstration to be held this Monday in the town "before the enormous degradation of the quality of care in Camas and the tremendous impact it is having on the population, where we have set back decades as a consequence of incomprehensible decisions that prevent, for example, the direct doctor-patient treatment which is now limited to telephone assistance, as long as the patient has the great luck that someone answers the call from the health center ”.

“We cameros have been understanding while the state of alarm has been in force, but what is not acceptable is that, months later, the outpatient clinics remain closed, medical assistance is by telephone and the quality of care has degraded to an unbearable extreme . The health authorities have not been up to the task and that incompetence is being paid for by all those cameros who need the attention of their doctor, especially the chronically ill, the elderly and children ”.

Ignacio Muñiz, who has called for massive participation in the demonstration this Monday, stated that “we are very satisfied with the unity that we have achieved among the main political and social forces of the municipality to protest something that is common sense. We do not care about the political sign of the health officials, if they are from the left or the right, we are facing an extremely serious situation that our neighbors are suffering, who neither understand ideologies nor do they have to understand. Health comes first and we must recover the quality of care now. "

The VOX spokesperson in the City of Camas has stated that “the town is united by a health of all, in person, of quality and with security, and we are going to put this basic demand on the street so that the message reaches the health authorities clearly and clearly ", while he explained that the protest" will start from the City Hall and the different health centers between 6:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. to conclude in a concentration at 7.30 pm in the Glorieta de los Toreros de la Pañoleta ”.

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