Hundreds of citizens have protested today with their cars through the streets of Santander demanding the resignation of the Government of Spain, in a march supported by Vox coinciding with the celebration of Hispanic Heritage Day.

The caravan has completely collapsed the center of the city, in which citizens carried flags of Spain and demanded the resignation of the Government after the "Disastrous management" made by the Covid-19 pandemic crisis.

Ricardo Garrudo, President of Vox in Cantabria, has shown "very satisfied" with the response of the highlanders in the street collapsing from this noon the center of the city. Garrudo explained that the march "It is not only because of the state of alarm decreed in Madrid" but also by "Attacks on the head of state and Spanish institutions."

For Garrudo, the attitude "Irresponsible and arrogant" by Sánchez and Iglesias "Has taken to the limit" to the Spanish who have come out to demonstrate in the street "To show that they don't want more totalitarian decisions."

Dozens of citizens have joined the march, which has transpired with total normality, who, from the sidewalks, also encouraged the protesters carrying flags of Spain.

The President of Vox in Cantabria assures that "Today the citizens have shown their support" to the motion of censure presented by his party because "It is more necessary than ever" to get a government out of Moncloa "He has even lied to us with something as delicate as the number of deaths from coronavirus in our country."

"At the cry of Freedom, the mountaineers have taken to the streets today to demand that the Government leave ”, Garrudo has affirmed who reiterates that Vox "It is the only party" what is "At street level defending the rights of the Spanish ”.

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