Macarena Olona, ​​deputy of VOX in Granada, was present at the 24h Channel, where in the company of representatives of other formations she addressed different topics, among which the pacts or the issue of chiringuitos and subsidies to different associations.

With regard to subsidies and associations, it was felt that the flow of money they receive according to which entities is not equivalent to carrying out a direct attack against a specific entity.

As far as pacts are concerned, Macarena repeated VOX's position since the elections took place: a hand aimed at agreement, understanding and pacts as well as the purpose of dialogue with the different forces. However, this dialogue must be carried out with the agreement of the other formations, since it has been more than a week since the elections and there is still no will to understand despite the fact that time is tightening more and more.

Regarding the prisoners, he has been satisfied that the VOX request has been addressed and the deputies will not receive a euro from the State in what he has defined as the rule of law.

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