The Council of Ibero-American Businessmen (CEIB), represented by its permanent secretary, Narciso Casado, and on behalf of the Ibero-American Federation of Young Entrepreneurs (FIJE), its president, César Durán, have signed a memorandum of understanding to foster bilateral cooperation in areas of common interest. Under the Agreement, the FIJE Executive Committee decided to appoint Narciso Casado, High Commissioner of the Federation, for his constant help and support to this Organization.

The memorandum of understanding contemplates the mutual collaboration in various fields, such as coherence and visibility between both parties in sectors and geographic space where they share common actions; strengthen cooperation in the axes considered priority; promote common knowledge and communication actions and organize a mechanism for monitoring the Agreement. The document will last for five years and will be tacitly renewed for an additional five years, unless one of the parties does not agree.

CEIB and FIJE collaboration

The signed document is the result of common activities, such as the General Assembly of FIJE and the X Ibero-American Congress of Young Entrepreneurs, IMPACT, which was held in Santa Cruz (Bolivia) at the end of September this year and in which Narciso Casado participated. During the Assembly, the new Executive Commission of the Organization was elected, and it was decided to provide it with a Permanent Secretariat that fell to CEAJE Spain and its Vice President, Antonio Magraner, following the model of the Council of Ibero-American Businessmen, CEIB Also, during the Congress, Casado presented the newly elected president of FIJE, César Eduardo Durán, of the Mexican business organization COPARMEX.

Casado highlighted in some statements that lLatin American business organizations have never been so coordinated, so present, working in common and so committed to the region. He said that a momentous step has been taken, thanks to the incorporation of FIJE, to the roadmap that since the Ibero-American Summit of Veracruz, have been followed by the business organizations of the Council of Ibero-American Businessmen, CEIB. These organizations, he added, have a common frame of reference for belonging to the largest business platform in the world, the OIE, which brings together more than 150 organizations.

CEIB's objective, according to Casado, is to strengthen a true Latin American platform that relies on available capacities, resources, business synergies, associated talent and a common language and way of being. "All this we do now with new travel companions, fatigue and success, with the organizations that form FIJE," said Casado. Casado recalled that "we go faster alone but together we go further" and, this is the bet, he said, of the business organizations of Latin America, CEIB, and now also of FIJE.

The permanent secretary of CEIB opted to, in collaboration with FIJE, involve young people in the generation of public opinion and that it is favorable for the business world, positioning young entrepreneurs as strategic development actors, identifying talent and supporting it decidedly . Sample of the cooperation between CEIB, FIJE and, of course, the Ibero-American General Secretariat (SEGIB) was the MSME Forum, held in July this year in Buenos Aires; or the intervention of the general secretaries of CEIB and FIJE, Narciso Casado and Antonio Magraner, at the closing ceremony, at the Camilo José Cela University, of the course "People and crisis management in work teams". In the course of it, they analyzed the future of both business organizations in Latin America and the roadmap that they will follow together.

Appointment of Casado Narcissus

The Executive Committee of FIJE, decided to appoint Narciso Casado Martín High Commissioner of the Ibero-American Federation of Young Entrepreneurs, for his constant help and support to this Organization. Casado is, among other things, permanent secretary of the Council of Ibero-American Businessmen (CEIB), director of the Presidency Cabinet of the Spanish Confederation of Business Organizations (CEOE) and CEO of CEOE International.

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