ICEX Interterritorial Council for Internationalization

The president of CEOE Internacional, Marta Blanco, has participated in the Interterritorial Council for Internationalization, inaugurated by Izaskun Goñi, general director of Business Policy, International Projection and Labor of the Government of Navarra, and by María Peña, CEO of ICEX Spain Export. and Investments. This Council, whose presidency is held this year by the Navarrese Government and first virtual due to the pandemic, is an instrument in which all the participants, CEOE, Chamber of Commerce of Spain, ICEX Spain Export and Investments – Secretary of State for Trade and Organizations of Commercial Promotion of the Autonomous Communities, value the common interests in the field of internationalization of the company, mainly at a time such as in the current crisis generated by Covid-19. Given the insecurity framework, the importance of working in public-private partnerships and the crucial role of the foreign sector in economic recovery was highlighted.

The president of CEOE Internacional intervened in the session of the Foreign Promotion Committee, whose theme focused on the measures and services of the Trade Promotion Bodies of the Autonomous Communities during Covid-19. Marta Blanco highlighted the importance of these organizations and the Administration in joint collaboration with the private sector, aware of the importance of the foreign sector, as a lever to address this economic and social crisis, in areas such as the multilateral, the European Union and at the national.

In the multilateral sphere, he valued the continuous relationship with counterpart business organizations in other countries – through international business organizations – to know the state of the situation, as well as the need to reverse protectionist measures (80% are still in force) and the importance of international governance. At the level of the European Union, it is collaborating in the review of the EU's trade and investment policy, also transferring concern about the situation with the United Kingdom. At the national level, CEOE is working on providing knowledge in facilitating trade and investment, financing, training, promotion and market intelligence. Finally, it offered the collaboration of CEOE in the identification of measures that respond to the needs of companies.

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