• Its objective is to provide SMEs with alternative financing to the bank, through Venture Capital.
  • This initiative is part of the commitment announced by the President of the Government in the Debate on the State of the Nation to improve access to financing for Spanish companies.
  • It is estimated that FOND-ICO Global will participate and serve as a catalyst for the creation of more than 40 Venture Capital funds with mostly private capital, which will mobilize resources for more than 3,000 million euros.
  • These privately managed funds will invest in business projects in all their development phases: from their early stages to their expansion.

The Official Credit Institute has approved the launch of FOND-ICO Global. This is the first public “Fund of Funds” public venture capital that is created in Spain, endowed with 1,200 million euros, with the aim of promoting the creation of private equity risk funds, which make investments in Spanish companies in all Its development phases. The “Fund of Funds” will be managed by AXIS, the Venture Capital Company 100% owned by ICO.

This initiative is part of the measures included in the "Economic Stimulus and Entrepreneur Support Plan" announced by the President of the Government in the Debate on the State of the Nation.

The measure approved by ICO aims to improve the financing of Spanish SMEs, increasing their level of capitalization and competitiveness, diversifying their sources of financing and promoting their internationalization.

The creation of FOND-ICO Global responds to one of the main demands of the Venture Capital sector, which demanded a greater involvement of the public sector in the creation and development of alternative financing paths to bank financing for companies, especially in the First stages of its development.

Investments over 3,000 million euros

AXIS, managing company of the ICO group, through a public bidding system, will be in charge of selecting the most suitable private equity funds and managers over four years so that the contribution of FOND-ICO Global acts as an “investor anchor ”in order to attract national and international private investors.

The ultimate goal of the creation of this “Fund of Funds” is to promote non-bank financing of projects that combine innovation and entrepreneurship, investing in companies since its inception, and during all phases of development, improving its competitiveness and internationalization.

FOND-ICO Global has a time horizon of four years to make investments in the different private funds in which it participates. It is estimated that at this time it will collaborate in the creation of more than 40 new Venture Capital funds in its different modalities, from the “Venture Capital” (if applicable, including the incubation phases) to the so-called “Expansion Capital”.

The objective is to obtain a multiplier of public-private funds appropriate to each type of activity, so that the “Fund of Funds” managed by AXIS serves as a catalyst for the creation of new privately managed Venture Capital funds that mobilize resources for an amount over 3,000 million euros.

With the launch of this “Fund of Funds”, the catalog of Risk Capital products promoted from ICO through AXIS is completed.

The European Angels Fund Isabel la Católica Co-Investment Fund was launched in November 2012, designed and managed jointly with the European Investment Fund (FEI) to co-invest with Business Angels. Through this Fund, capital is provided to non-institutional investors seeking to invest in the first stages of business projects launched by entrepreneurs.

About Axis:

A venture capital company 100% owned by the ICO, has been operating in the venture capital market for 25 years and throughout its history has made investments in more than 140 companies for a total amount of more than 300 million euros.

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