For your invisible friend, better a volume than one I put …

Because it is undeniable. Whenever we have to gift someone for the invisible friend we move in a swampy territory: having a budget ceiling (not very high, in general), perhaps not knowing too much the tastes of that coworker or the English course, and surely not have too much time to buy something because Christmas, as always, is upon us before we know it. 😅

So it is easy that, although we have the best of intentions, we end up giving our invisible friend a «pongo», one of those objects that can be funny at first but then they will not know where to put and will end up in the house every time dust off.

So, dear reader, as the beginning of this post points out, we have another gift idea for your invisible friend: giving away books, because there are them for a thousand and one people and tastes and because there is nothing more beautiful than receiving a universe of adventures unfolding before our eyes. So pay attention. These are the books that will save you from the curse of I put them for this invisible friend. 😄⤵️

For the most modern

Specifically, this is an ideal book for fans of Modern Village, which returns to bookstores after the success of Idiotized! His are acid reflections and humor, telling the truths without biting his tongue from a feminist point of view that has earned him thousands of followers on social networks.

But it's not just for his fans. It is for all of us who like to laugh at today and do a bit of catharsis. And why lie? Because we all have that friend who thinks he / she is modern, open-minded … but it is clear that he / she is not every time he / she opens his mouth and drops one of his pearls. So look at it on the bright side, now you have a book full of fun that serves both as a gift and as a help to rethink some things and not end your friendship.

The adventures of Gordi and Zorry await you in Cunt dramas to escape a world so far drawn by men.

For creative geniuses

We all have that friend / acquaintance who gets excited every time he enters a stationery store and sees the amount of pencils, brushes, colors and other artistic elements that will allow him to display his creativity without limits. And if you don't have it, reader, it is you. 😜

So whatever the case may be, you can't miss this wonder of Keri smith. What what is Smash this journal?

Well, it is a best seller that has already created addicts around the world. And if you haven't tried it yet, this may be the start of a life-changing experience.

In the new edition Smash this journal. Now in full color there are challenges to paint, break, transform and unleash your creativity. You'll enjoy a mix of the creative challenges fans have created since the first edition of this series… along with brand-new challenges to smash in color! Mixing paints to create clay, letting luck choose the shade, cutting out brightly colored strips of paper, and much more. It is time to let out the creative genius that lives in your invisible friend.

For fans of mandalas

Life can be quite stressful… And a good friend is someone who gives you good times to make up for it and is there when you need it. Those good times can be in the form of chatting in front of a coffee … but also in the form of mandalas.

Because do you remember when you were little and had no worries? How much fun you spent coloring in any sheet you found and letting the only thing that occupied your mind during that time was what color you were going to take to paint the kangaroo in the landscape.

365 mandalas to color is a collection of attractive designs accompanied by inspiring phrases for each day of the year, which allow us to remove stress and create that space to connect with the present moment and regain serenity and emotional well-being.

And because painting is still just as fun. Do you know someone who could use a moment of peace and well-being to break away from the daily hustle and bustle? Let the mandalas inspire you. ✨

For those who will be amazed by one of terror

We all know someone who is a fan of the darkest part of human beings: who gets absorbed by thrillers, who really enjoys the intrigues of the series and, of course, has read a few (if not all) of them. horror genius books: Stephen King.

The figures speak for themselves: 350 million copies sold since he published his first novel in 1974, a total of about 50 novels and 200 published short stories. More than 80 adaptations of his works on the small and the big screen. The most adapted living author.

His imprint on pop culture is immense and indelible and is manifested through multiple relevant works: from Carrie by Brian de Palma until the first season of Mr. Mercedes, going through the winding roads of The glowby Stanley Kubrick. His television adaptations (Phantasma II, It…) Have traumatized several generations. And we are sure that your invisible friend is one of them. 😙

The Horror Master's Illustrated Guide that Matthieu Rostac and François Cau bring us is a visually spectacular work as well as well documented. Its authors did not notice the means to prepare it: they read the 4,413 pages of the cycle of the Dark tower, they watched the 5 seasons of the series Haven, the 10 films of the saga of The corn boys, and even the 19 hours of the Indian soap opera loosely inspired by Item.

So yeah, no question, this picture book is a must for fans of Stephen King and horror.

For the youngest

There is a stage in life that is crucial: adolescence. It is that time of change in which you are not a child but not an adult, limits are annoying but they are also necessary … and in general there is a storm of news (love, sex, friendships, professional future) that is not well known how to fit.

The TikToker Mark White (alias in networks of Marcos Jiménez) talks about it in How I survived adolescence, a book in which he shows that adolescents are not selfish, lazy and disrespectful as many say … For many, adolescence is undoubtedly the worst stage of life and Marcos White comes to tell us some conclusions about his own and how he managed to overcome all those difficulties.

In this book, the youngest will find a guide, full of good humor and the overflowing character that characterizes him in networks, to talk about the key issues: love, friendship, studies, sex, drugs. Without hypocrisy and without half measures. If you want to talk to your invisible friend, this is your book.

For fans of Lucía Bellido

And if we talk about influencers, definitely Lucia Bellido is one of the top. He had just turned 15 when his first book hit bookstores, to become a true best-seller in a few weeks.

From that moment on, his life would take a 180 degree turn, and his career as influencer it would grow at a frantic pace. Book signings with hundreds of fans, trips around the world, music festivals, collaborations with top brands.

This book, as a diary, explains in the first person what that experience that continues today was like. You will review his travels, his adventures and his anecdotes in a world of flashes and success.

With Be brave Lucia gets even closer to her loyal fans with secrets and confessions from behind the scenes. And your invisible friend is going to have a great time discovering them all. 😋

For adventure lovers

Surely in your environment you have that person who has toured all the rooms of all escape room from your city and now you are looking for a new adventure. It will not matter in fact or in which city you live so that you can enjoy like a child with our next proposal for the invisible friend: it is about escape book inspired by the collection Choose your own adventure.

Flowerers is the hottest video game: it offers its players a truly addictive and immersive experience. In fact, some of them, encouraged by the possibility of being who they want to be, decide to go on to live this virtual life full time, thereby giving up the option of recovering their previous life.

But Jason has taken a wrong step in the video game and has been "hung", and now Oxana, his partner, must go through an intricate and enigmatic maze to save his life: of the fifty possible paths, only one leads to the desired goal. Will she be able to find him before losing Jason forever? Escape Book Adventure. The butterfly maze, by Ivan Tapia and Montse Linde, awaits your next reader to catch you with hours and hours of fun.

For the most visceral

Matu Santamaria is a Spanish-Argentine artist and illustrator, internationally acclaimed. Through her networks she has created a strong connection with her audience thanks to a unique style and vindictive illustrations around feminism, sexuality, animalism and the environment.

Hot It is his book and it comes loaded with explicit content that awakens the senses and stirs consciences. Because, as he says, doing something “hot” means doing it immediately, without delay that lowers the interest or the vehemence of the action.

And that's how he made this book, hot. He wanted to express everything he was experiencing without having to name it. Every outburst, every conflict in the face of the stark reality we live in, and all the emotion in the face of other exciting moments in which he would remain immersed forever.

All these reactions, this whole world of impulses, is now reflected in a beautiful illustrated book that we are convinced will delight your invisible friend.

For environmental defenders

Yes, we are going to talk about climate change. And not only that. We are going to do it with rigorous and accessible information to understand what we are talking about when we cite climate change and its terrible consequences. A necessary book that also comes beautifully illustrated by Louize perdieus.

Because we are all used to hearing news about the melting of the poles or the rise in sea levels, but perhaps we do not always have all the arguments present to know the magnitude of the problem.

So Mathilda Masters has written 123 curiosities that everyone should know about the climate, a compilation of scientific facts about the climate for which it has had the collaboration of the director of the European Environment Agency Hans Bruyninckx and the journalist specialized in science Ilja Van Braeckel.

Because climate change is something serious and, now, it is also a rigorous and beautifully presented anecdote so that those who care most about the environment have more arguments to continue fighting.

For fans of Asian

This book is going to fulfill the fantasies of many types of people at once. There are fans of Japanese culture, fans of manga and comics, foodies who can't live without delicious ramen. And this book is for all of them!

Why Ramen! is the most original cookbook on the market: a cookbook presented as a graphic novel to enjoy all the culinary art of Japan. Does your gut growl already or not yet? 🤤🍜

Hugh amano Y Sarah Becan introduce us to this fun and instructive hybrid, a work between a cookbook and a graphic novel that introduces us to the history of ramen and offers more than forty recipes of everything it takes to prepare the most delicious ramen without leaving home. Everything is explained, from the broths, tare or types of noodles, to the dressings and accompaniments with which to add the touch.

Without a doubt it is one of the funniest proposals that we can find and that will delight (literally) your invisible friend. Enjoy reading! 😉

And with all these proposals we trust that you will find the perfect gift to avoid another year of "putting on" with your invisible friend … If you still don't find the ideal detail, Take a look at these gift books and start a #BookChristmas. 📚✨

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