The spokesman and deputy of VOX, Ignacio Blanco, has demanded this morning to the President of the Principality, Adrián Barbón, in the plenary session held this morning at the General Meeting of the Principality, a plan for sanitation, restructuring and reactivation of tourism -within its request for economic reactivation measures in Asturias-, as it is “a fundamental sector for our region that contributed 2.3 billion euros to the regional economy in 2019, 11% of GDP and employs almost 49,000 Asturians (12.8% ) ”. "We are pleased that the President of the Principality has literally assured us today that he is picking up the idea, picking up the need and has promised to address at the next government council the need to be clear that the commitment to tourism is a strategic line key in the response to the coronavirus, ”says the spokesman.
"Tourism and hospitality," Blanco continues, "have been the oxen in Asturias who have pulled a very heavy car, a car that the successive governments of the Principality of Asturias have climbed on, to whip him with the stick and give him little wheat. A sector that has historically been scorned by socialist governments. " In this sense, the spokesman "urges the regional government to develop a plan for tourism because we are at the gates of summer and there is neither a plan nor an idea of ​​how to help the sector." In fact, Ignacio Blanco explains, “from VOX we consider the measures announced by the Minister of Tourism and the Principality to be insufficient. There is no differentiated bet with respect to the rest of the northern regions of Spain and we cannot rely only on the Asturias brand that has been worked to date; the past is already done, the future must be created. Don't settle because you are doing it. ”
For this reason, during the questioning of the VOX spokesman this morning to the Minister of Tourism, Berta Piñán, Ignacio Blanco has once again insisted on the implementation of measures for the revival of the tourism sector, and, in response, reminded him “The very large direct aid from its Ministry and the Government of the Principality to various public cultural facilities, which, without a doubt, squeak in the face of abandonment of tourism. Budgetary items that continue to be executed, without our knowing yet, what budgetary modifications will be made by your department to help tourism. ”
Likewise, the spokesman trusts that as “Adrián Barbón assured us today about the VOX proposal, the commitment to tourism will be a key strategic line in the response to the coronavirus”. Among the VOX proposals to support the sector are, among others, the spokesperson explains, that they assume part of the cost of the COVID-19 tests for hospitality and tourism employees, “a measure that would make a difference, a test costs between 50 euros to 120 euros, so we ask you to participate in this cost and create your own brand for Asturias of coronavirus-free establishments, a measure that would not exceed the cost of 4.9 million euros, almost the same as that intended for cooperation international and emigration ", as well as" launch a promotion campaign to reimburse any regional or national tourist who spends the night or consumes in Asturian hospitality with 50 euros a day in all establishments, very easy to implement through a computer platform, which would a cost for two months for all Asturias of 27 million euros. An aggressive and innovative program that would allow Asturias to become the tourist reference point for northern Spain and not continue waiting for our regular visitors to end up in Galicia or Cantabria ”.
Lastly, Ignacio Blanco wanted to put on the table the measures that other communities have already put in place, such as Cantabria, which with a regional budget of 2,889 million allocates 23.5 million to Coordination and Promotion of Tourism, while Asturias, with a budget of 4,757 million earmarks 10 million for Tourism Promotion, or an approach such as the Basque Country, which is already preparing a tourism voucher. "Leave your candor for another situation. Change the chip, we live in a competitive world, compete for the tourist, believe, innovate and be aggressive, otherwise our tourism sector will be lost ”, he clarifies. And he explained that "he trusts that this time they will take our proposals into account and will not do as last February 18 when we presented an innovative proposal for our tourism sector, which both the PSOE, together with IU and Podemos, incomprehensibly rejected, as was the creation of the national and international promotion plan for Covadonga and its Roads. However, the Principality preferred to continue with the more than promoted Camino de Santiago, adjusting to the usual to the easy, to what they give them done, "concludes the spokesman.

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