The VOX spokesperson at the General Meeting of the Principality, Ignacio Blanco, has asked this morning the Minister of the Presidency, in the Presidency Committee, if the Governing Council intends to apply resolution 2019/2819 of the European Parliament on the importance of European historical memory for the future of Europe in Asturias. Specifically, the spokesperson has asked the counselor to detail whether the Asturian Government "is going to take measures to eliminate the glorification of communism in Asturias." "As requested by the European Parliament, the Principality should pursue the exaltation of communism in Asturias," he says.
“Whoever does not know what communism is has not read it, and whoever praises it may have read about it but have not understood it. The theory is very beautiful but applied to practice, communism is one of the regimes that has caused the most suffering and I have not heard from the councilor any reference to this regime mentioned in the European resolution, ”Blanco stressed. In this sense, during his speech, he presented “examples of readings on red terror. Books like him Black Book of Communism, where mortality is reviewed in the countries where it was tried to implement, almost 100 million deaths; Gulag Archipelago, a description from within the suffering to which communism subjected its citizens, the books of Roberto Ampuero, today Ambassador of Chile in Spain, and with origin in the communist youths, especially Behind the wall, where he describes the hardships, persecution and personal submission after having fled East Germany, a suffering of an entire population by a communist regime. A communist in his time, today precisely disappointed, writes later Our years of Verde Olivo, when he discovers that the Cuban communist paradise is even worse than the one he had left behind in East Germany ”.
"I do not want to miss the recommendation of a book that shocked me, -continues Blanco-, The hell of the Khmer Rouge, testimony of a survivor, Mrs. Denise Affonso, today lives in France, after seeing how one in four human beings died by hunger and executed under the communist regime of Pol Pot, a Marxist-Leninist and, by the way, a university professor, in Cambodia, more than two million people, a quarter of the population in the glory of communism, today called the Cambodian genocide ”.
During his speech, the spokesman reminded the Minister of the Presidency of the Prague Declaration of 2008 that condemned communism for crimes against humanity, following the parameters established by Resolution 1481 of the Council of Europe in 2006, in which he appears as the first signatory Vaclav Havel. “Resolution 1481/2006 of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, of 1/25/2006, states that the Council of Europe strongly condemns the crimes of totalitarian communist regimes, equating communism and communist states with fascism and national -socialism for their similarities in crimes against humanity, the ideology of hatred and the tyranny of their governments ”. The resolution shows that the communist regimes that existed in Europe "were marked, without exception, by massive violations of human rights", which "included assassinations and executions" and condemned "the massive violations of human rights committed by the regimes. totalitarian communists'. It also refers that these violations "include individual and collective murders and executions, death in concentration camps, hunger, deportations, torture, forced labor and other forms of massive physical terror." However, Blanco emphasizes, "I have not heard any measure regarding communism."
In VOX, the spokesperson points out, "we are against any dictatorship, but we live in a time of political hemiplegia in which only dictatorships that are associated with the right are reprehensible, and not those linked to the left."
And while the government of the nation insists on the Democratic Memory Law, which VOX considers totalitarian and that is why we will appeal to the Constitutional Court, it seems that the Government of the Principality is following the same path: eliminating any vestige of fascism, a decision with which we agree, but they always forget to eliminate the vestiges of communism, as requested by the resolution of the European Parliament which, among other matters, concludes that “considering that, from its beginning, European integration has been a response to the suffering caused by two world wars and for the Nazi tyranny, which led to the Holocaust, and the expansion of totalitarian and anti-democratic communist regimes in Central and Eastern Europe or remember that the Nazi and communist regimes committed mass murder, genocide and deportation ”.
In short, “we do not appreciate that the persecution of the exaltation of communism is carried out with the same diligence, in breach of the Joint Motion for a Resolution of the European Parliament on the importance of European historical memory for the future of Europe. A resolution that condemns European totalitarian regimes, of course Nazism and fascism, but also communism ”. And for all this, “we would like to know if the Ministry of the Presidency is going to take any action because this resolution also asks us not to continue carrying out praises in public places, for example with prominent figures of communism such as Carlos Marx, Santiago Carrillo Dolores Ibarruri , among many others who represented this totalitarian ideology in Europe. Are they going to do something to end this exaltation in public places? ”, Concludes the spokesman.

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