The spokesperson for the VOX Parliamentary Group in the General Board of the Principality, Ignacio Blanco, accompanied by the VOX councilors of the Avilés City Council, Arancha Martínez and Gerardo González, visited the facilities of the San Cristóbal Special Education College in Avilés this morning. "We want to thank from VOX Asturias Benigno Alonso and his wife, Cristina Sanz, parents of Sofía with a 97 percent recognized disability, allowing us to know the situation of the Special Education schools that" are very abandoned by the Government of Adrián Barbón " . VOX Asturias announces that, with a view to the 2021 budgets, attention to the most vulnerable will be a red line in the budget negotiation. “Our parliamentary group is very clear about it. If there is no money for the most vulnerable, there can be no money for anything else ”, emphasizes the spokesperson.
Thus, Ignacio Blanco, has demanded during his visit to the San Cristóbal Special Education center greater attention and means to schools and students "so that they have quality teaching." "The obligation of the regional Executive is to respond to all the needs of the students and the teaching team," insists the spokesperson. Thus, among the demands of the families, Ignacio Blanco, pointed out a greater number of assistants, since at present the ratio is more than 10 students per assistant, as happens in the Latores Special Education Center, with 15 Assistants to more than 170 students. “It is shameful to check, once again, what are the priorities of the regional government. For llingua students it has 1.5 hours for a single student, but nevertheless it takes 4 students with special educational needs to have 4.5 hours of Therapeutic Pedagogy or less than 1 assistant for every 10 children ”. Among the demands echoed by the spokesperson, he points out, the need for full-time nurses in special education centers; have inclusive education, yes, but maintaining the CEE (Special Education Colleges); stability in the staff of the centers and include in the selection of personnel values ​​such as "vocation, empathy, emotional intelligence and not only knowledge", as well as improvement in transportation, without even taking the temperature when accessing the bus. "We invite the Minister of Education to visit the Special Education centers and learn about the situation in situ and listen to the families and teachers," concludes the spokesperson.

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