The spokesperson for VOX in the General Meeting of the Principality, Ignacio Blanco, has described as “totalitarian” the bench of the left incapable of putting aside its political interests to support the VOX motion that demands the elimination of interlevel courses, preferring thus to continue punishing the children, who after six months without school when they return to their classrooms do so "in a situation totally discriminated against with other classmates" only to "defend the counselor" out of mere "political whim".
“Some groups, -explains Blanco-, created hastily with the reduction of the ratio, which do not contribute anything positive and yes much negative. You only need to listen to the AMPAs, with whom my group has met on several occasions. They do not want to promote dialogues, so that their children or the children of anyone continue to be discriminated against, they simply want the inter-level groups created with the reduction of ratios to be eliminated. It is not fair that the children affected by these groups have a worse educational development than the rest. The arrogance of left-wing groups that ask for dialogue, but do not listen to families is unacceptable; they intend to impose on fathers and mothers what matters most to their children, and that does not conform to our representative mandate. We are the voice of these families, and they do not want interlevel ”.
“To the Government, it does not seem that the majority of political groups in the Asturian Parliament here like to hear the truth and they do like to attack with lies. They deny the data of a report prepared by the Government itself and that referring to PISA data, concludes that the students who attend centers in small towns present lower results than those enrolled in large cities ”. "Instead of wanting to solve a problem such as interlevels, -continues Blanco-, left-wing groups generate a larger one, charging against teachers, both in urban and rural areas, who have been abandoned by the counseling".
Finally, the spokesperson makes it clear that “our Parliamentary Group defends all teachers, it does not discriminate as the Principality does. We are the only party that puts on the table that rural schools are not a model that can be exported to large cities, and we are based on objective results ”, concludes Ignacio Blanco.

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