The spokesman and deputy of VOX in the General Meeting, Ignacio Blanco, regretted today that the Proposal of Law (PL) to reduce the number of deputies from 45 to 35 deputies, to “contribute to lower costs, maintain the representation that holds the Chamber and to, within the law, do everything possible so that the problems of inequality that have created the autonomies, disappear.
"We have not managed to move forward with our proposal, but we have removed the mask to the parliamentary groups that have been portrayed in front of the Asturians who, far from lowering costs – a deputy goes out to a taxpayer around 300,000 euros – they want to continue heating the seat to continue living at the expense of the electors while Asturias agonizes. It is shameful".
But also, while the PSOE is "unable to support it to set an example of austerity when, in any case, it would be harmed as a majority party today in Asturias," says the spokesman, "the political baseness of the PP is unfortunate." “They accuse us of demagogues, when there is no more demagogy than not supporting a Proposal of Law exactly like the one they presented in 2013, just because it is presented by VOX. If the deputies of the PP are able to reject a copy of their proposal without getting red, I reaffirm that only VOX is the only party that fulfills what it says, that does not change its version at its convenience. They are cheating the electorate. Although it doesn't surprise us. We are seeing many movements of the PP approach to the left as with the 8M, even today, that their statements in the plenary are increasingly mimicking the radical left. ”
Against parties like PSOE, IU, Podemos, Ciudadanos and PP, today we have demonstrated once again that VOX, “is true to its ideas, fulfills its commitment to voters because it does not defend an argument and does the opposite. I understand that what VOX does clashes with the day to day that the deputies in the Asturian Chamber have accustomed us, who do not know what it is to have a word and try to solve the real problems of Asturias that, as they know well, are many and very serious "
But in addition to the problems that the region suffers, Blanco continues, “our Proposal of Law can solve those that have recently emerged within Parliament because, if a deputy dedicated partially takes half and has to attend all the commissions, he does not have no sense that a full-time parliamentarian charges twice as much. The solution is simple, and it does not happen to raise the salary of the deputies to partial dedication, obviously, from VOX we consider that it would go in the opposite direction, but of course, that idea does not like anything to the other deputies when we also do not do it for our own benefit , since it is the parties with less representation that would hurt the most ”. However, the spokesman adds, "we believe it is good for Asturias and Asturians and that is why we have transferred it to Parliament."
“Again we have found that the vast majority of deputies seek their own interest, and not that of Asturians. They want to be professionals in politics and not professionals in politics, ”the spokesperson concludes.

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