The spokesman and deputy of VOX at the General Meeting of the Principality, Ignacio Blanco, criticized this afternoon during the appearance of the Minister of Industry, Employment and Economic Promotion of the COVID-19 Follow-up Working Group, who "today, As we have been recognized by the Ministry, not a single self-employed person, of the 14,000 who have requested the aid of 400 euros, has received the grant approved by the regional government on April 8. ”
In this sense, the spokesman has asked the counselor to "streamline procedures and be more ambitious in aid, since as they are proposed they leave out a significant number of self-employed. It is very improvable ”. In his speech, Blanco has demanded that the Principality "bet decisively for the self-employed and for the company" because "help that is late, if the business is already closed, it is better that it be used for something else, that is why it is So important is the agility that the regional executive lacks. They are already many weeks of confinement and without activity. The self-employed already need the help, not in a month ”.
Likewise, the spokesman has asked if the Ministry has set up lines of support for companies for the purchase of protection material for workers and has urged the department to develop protocols for health action by companies and sectors, "because what the companies themselves are carrying out and the inspectors are sanctioning them on a generic national protocol that is not adapted by far to all industries, "Blanco details.
Finally, Ignacio Blanco has pointed out "the necessary revision of the Statute of Electrointensive, which seems already forgotten, but that employers continue to demand to reduce electricity costs even more with the current economic crisis," and has urged that "a special bonus for Asturias in renewable projects ”. "If there is no specific premium, the projects will go to other less affected coal mining areas than the Principality, but with better renewable resources," the spokesperson concludes.

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