The spokesperson and deputy of VOX in the General Meeting, Ignacio Blanco, in the ‘Questions to the President’ turn that took place today in the Plenary of the General Meeting of the Principality formulated the following question:
What is the action taken by you or by your Governing Council during the COVID-19 pandemic that you are most proud of?
And then he made the following intervention:
Thank you very much, President of the Principality. We agree that there is no Asturian miracle, much less managed by you. It is the work of chance. We agree on that.
On Monday, Asturias presented a cumulative index of 119.77 cases diagnosed in the last 14 days per 100,000 inhabitants. We are already fourth at the national level, behind the Valencian Community, the Canary Islands, and Galicia. The same Galicia that did not close borders and did not delay the school year, because a marketing campaign was not necessary to contain the virus.
What may seem a success at the national level is a real failure at the international level. Thus, for example at the European level, only three would be worse than Asturias out of a list of 18: France, Belgium and the Netherlands. We are comparing ourselves to the worst in the league and it is very easy to get chest out. In fact, in Germany, for example, the mask on the street is not mandatory, and it is a failure of its epidemiological policy if it exceeds 30 cases, not the 120 as is Asturias.
And since he likes maps so much, the other day he was showing one of Madrid, with the black dot in the middle, more than 400 accumulated index per 100,000 inhabitants. But I think you will also like this other map, we have Pola de Laviana, the place where he lives and sleeps. Both black points with a cumulative index of more than 400 per 100,000 inhabitants. Laviana where you live. This is probably the greatest proof that the management of the socialist government in Asturias regarding the coronavirus is mere chance and is based on a marketing strategy in his person. Precisely the place where you reside, where you live, which has infection rates similar to those of Madrid, leaves you in a very bad place. Either your neighbors ignore you or they are not really managing Asturias as you say in the media.
It is not responding to what you are doing, that with the Madrid data, you would have already requested the state of alarm, not an orange alert on that tour of national media that you like so much. Also said by the Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, proposed on Saturday to close municipalities that have registered more than 500 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the last fourteen days. Pola de Laviana, who exceeded 800 cases, in three days managed to go below 500. A collapse that some tell me is also part of the Asturian miracle, but I think it is more of a tipex work of his team. Because it is impossible in statistical terms to go from 806 cases to less than 500 in three days.
With these parameters, you are saying that you should confine those populations. Confining Madrid and Pola de Laviana, the difference is that the PP governs in Madrid and you live in Laviana. It's the only difference I can find. It seems that he is accepting the theses Bolsonaro or Trump that accuses us so much. Because you are not applying the measures that you say should be applied in other Autonomous Communities. Perhaps you have now discovered, as the Laviana freelancers say, that you must balance health and financial survival. Now Asturians are in a situation of economic survival. And that affects health as much as the coronavirus, ask people what is going so bad.
President, you are more concerned about what is happening outside of Asturias. And I think that Asturians are not going to forgive him, they want him to worry more about what happens in Asturias. This media tour that you have made, to name a few cases (September 4, Four a day; August 19, TVE; June 30, Telecinco; It's noon, June 30, Antena 3 Public Mirror; June 24, Four a day, June 15-Espejo Público (Antena 3), Susana Grisso. June 3, La noche en TVE. May 14 with Cuatro TC, etc .. Do not tell me it is not a marketing campaign. town where you sleep we have rates similar to Madrid and that you are touring all over Spain saying how well you are doing in Asturias, when they are not able to control infections in the area where you live.
Asturians do not want absurd confinements that ruin businesses, we do not want the elderly to be confined again, that the elderly cannot say goodbye to their loved ones, who only received an urn with ashes, we do not want the school year to be delayed because it is a marketing campaign by the President that boasted a low rate of contagion and we were the last to open schools, we do not want children with special educational needs to be locked up, we do not want us to stop treating other ailments because we focus exclusively on the COVID, we don't want interlevel groups. We want to be treated as adults and not as vassals who are locked up and released when their rulers decide.
Inform us properly, do not lie to us when they said that masks are not needed because there were none, without more. Asturians do not want a media ‘starlight’, we want a manager, who cares more about his people than about what happens in Madrid. Really focus on the problems of Asturias and leave the marketing campaign.

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