The spokesman and deputy of VOX, Ignacio Blanco, has criticized the proposal of General provision of Vedas that plans to approve the Ministry of Rural Development, Agroganadería and Fisheries directed by Alejandro Calvo, since, “among other aspects, prohibits the ammunition of lead in the hunting season in Asturias. The veto on lead ammunition raised by the Rural Development Advisor could end hunting in Asturias ”. In this sense, the deputy says that "this veto would force change the current ammunition, including some weapons prepared for this ammunition, triggering the cost of this activity." In addition, Blanco continues, "there is no scientific contribution that allows to verify that the measure proposed by the Asturian Government will contribute nothing positive."
The spokesman also continues, as he was transferred today from the sector after the meeting held by representatives of hunters and gunsmiths on Thursday to discuss the proposal, “the replacement of lead provided by the Principality would lead hunters to use alternative ammunition of steel or copper that presents greater safety risks due to the rebound effect ”. In addition, qualifies Blanco, "nobody guarantees that the use of other metallic material will not have a similar effect as that of lead, with the added risks that other metals could cause."
On the other hand, the spokesman explains, “there is no evidence that the use of an alternative metal as ammunition is more harmless than lead, since today there is no problem in the quality of game meat for use of lead In fact, little meat is of more quality than game meat, because due to the natural diet and its outdoor life in the middle of nature it is an exceptional meat ”, he concludes.

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