The spokesperson and deputy of VOX in the General Meeting, Ignacio Blanco, in the ‘Questions to the President’ turn that took place today in the Plenary of the General Meeting of the Principality formulated the following question:
Do you share your government's decision to end concerted public education and special education?
And then he made the following intervention:
President, I anticipated your response, and you, like me, do not recognize the government of Pedro Sánchez or Pablo Iglesias as your government, so welcome to the club of those who do not recognize the legitimacy of this government either.
In fact, your shameful silence regarding the Celaá Education Law is nothing more than an acquiescence and whoever is silent grants, not a single criticism has been heard regarding this totalitarian law, so yes, you, your Government he is trying to end concerted public education and special education because he has not said anything about it.
But, what's more, you, your Government, your counselor promised to allocate COVID funds to concerted public education and you were not the truth. They have not received one euro for COVID prevention, or masks, or gels, not even PCR for teachers. He delayed the course in the concerted without having done a single test to the teachers, which the centers had to pay. Today, with the confinement of a class, students are tested, but not the teachers, who have to pay for themselves and the centers themselves. They were untrue and are attacking the concerted public as they have for many years, their government and past governments.
In Asturias they have systematically discriminated against concerted public education, which the government finances with 10% of the education budget but serves 30% of the student body. It has a lower cost per student, teachers have worse working conditions or bear worse ratios, and despite everything they have better results and a greater social demand per place, which ends that mantra that you always defend that quality education it is based on an increase in the resources allocated to it. In this case, the concerted public itself denies them.
And something that always surprises us about this Spanish left, which wants for themselves what it does not want for others because you have studied in the concerted and councilors of your government and socialist deputies take your children to the public and private schools.
Of the 22 government ministers, only 9 studied fully in the public. And I refer to the data: Isabel Celaá-Colegio Sagrado Corazón de Bilbao (Concertado) – brought her daughters the education differentiated by sex, because it is not the schools that segregate, the schools offer an educational offer and it is the families that they choose it. The school does not impose anything, the families choose it. Pablo Iglesias-Colegio Montserrat Fuhem (Concerted), Irene Montero-Colegio Siglo XXI (Concerted), Grande-Marlaska-La Salle de Bilbao (Concerted), Margarita Robles-Santa Teresa de León (Concerted), Salvador Illa-Escola Pia de Granollers (Concerted); Carmen Calvo-Madres Escolapias de Cabra, José Luis Ábalos-Private School, children in concerted, Carolina Darías-private and concerted school, and thus up to 13 members of the Council of Ministers.
The concerted public is an example of social mixing in our country, children of ministers who go to the concerted, children of the less favored class.
The law that the socialist government now approves and that you have kept silent, a shameful silence, what it seeks without more is to avoid the emptying of public school units in the face of the decline in the birth rate and the greater demand for a place in the private school. They failed to end the concerted public school by drowning it, and now they just take the next step and ban it.
A law that eliminates social demand, that eliminates democracy, because there are few things more democratic than free choice. Democracy is not just about voting every four years. And it is a law based on the fear that citizens will choose in freedom.
A law that in Spain eliminates Spanish as a vehicular language in school. At the rate we are going, you will make Llingua vehicular in Asturias and not Spanish. This will happen with this law in several autonomous communities with a co-official language. Do you also want it for Asturias? A spoken language spoken by more than 400 million people around the world, excluded from school just to stay in power for a few more months.
A law that aims to end special education in the next 10 years. A foundational special education for children with severe disabilities, VOX has been in schools and VOX is a strong advocate for Special Education.
A law that encourages mediocrity. I said a long time ago that the left would at some point end up giving away titles and this is the law of titles given away. You can pass without limit of failures. That is probably the worst inheritance of the left, passing on to the new generations that things can be achieved without effort. And that is false. I do not know if the president or any of the deputies present here achieved something without effort, I certainly did not achieve anything relevant without effort. And that is what this educational law conveys.
And of course, of course, one of the objectives of socialism is to eliminate religion from the classrooms "to impose that great subject called" civic and ethical values, "which sounds paradoxical coming from the government that has lied the most to Spaniards. The government that would not agree with communists and terrorists, but now co-governs, and carries out educational laws.
President, tell us what you think of this law because your silence is basically a confirmation that it is what you want for concerted public education and for special education.
Thanks a lot.

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