The spokesman and deputy of VOX in the General Meeting of the Principality, Ignacio Blanco, criticized this morning at the appearance of the counselor of the Presidency in the COVID-19 Follow-up Working Group “the closure of justice, except in exceptional cases during the state of alarm, which forces lawyers and attorneys to carry out the procedures electronically when, in addition, and despite the administration's efforts to go digital, the system fails. ”
The spokesman regretted that in this situation “we have discovered that a country can live with its courts closed, but not without its kiosks. I do not understand how they have allowed institutions to deteriorate so much. The situation of the courts shows a lack of anticipation on the part of the Justice administration, because one thing is the suspension of deadlines and another, that work is not being carried out, which is what is happening. ”

Likewise, he has asked the counselor about the budget items that he plans to transfer to the Treasury for the reallocation of spending to address the health, social and economic emergency. Given the lack of specification, Blanco has proposed to the head of the Presidency that "make available to Asturians, the 4.8 million euros that correspond to the Asturian Emigration Program, Council of Asturian Communities, Development Cooperation and Democratic Memory."

Finally, the spokesman was interested in the protocols carried out by the Ministry of the Presidency to provide means of protection for officials and members of the State Security Forces and Bodies, after the serious problems that the personnel have encountered and encountered. and socio-sanitary to access Individual Protection Equipment (PPE) against COVID-19.

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