The spokesman and deputy of VOX, Ignacio Blanco, considers that "the priority of the Government of Adrián Barbón is not the Asturians". The regional parliamentarian points out that "he warned the Counselor of the Presidency, in her last appearance of the COVID-19 Follow-up Working Group, to review the 4.7 million euro budget for Emigration and Development Cooperation to focus the funds in the development of the most vulnerable Asturians who, unfortunately, go to charity more frequently than ever. When the queues in the economic cuisine of Oviedo and Gijón break historical records, it is time to focus on the development of Asturians and forget about wanting to change the world from an Asturias without resources for their own, "says Blanco. However, stresses the spokesperson, "the Government of Adrián Barbón continues with its policy of a happy world and budgetary waste by approving aid of 72,000 euros for Development Cooperation projects in Arab populations when the worst pandemic in a century strikes us and we We are facing a great crisis that has led to economic vulnerability for thousands of Asturians. Without a doubt, the Counselor of the Presidency and Adrián Barbón confirm that Asturians are not their priority ”.
In this sense, Ignacio Blanco recalled that VOX already demanded on March 26 that all items of subsidies to political parties, unions, business organizations, foundations and associations, as well as funds from, among others, budget items intended to promoting the bable, Historical Memory or Development Cooperation are intended to alleviate the effects of the coronavirus on health, education and the economy of Asturians. Likewise, the Proposition No of Law (PNL) presented on March 26 before the General Meeting, VOX urged the regional government to prepare new budgets for 2020. “The priority for VOX Asturias is that not a single euro of public money can go to something other than helping Spaniards and Asturians out of the health and economic emergency, "explains Ignacio Blanco.
In addition, the deputy points out that “whoever runs a government differently from who runs his house is wrong; We all want to help those most in need, but if we have something left over, we will allocate it first to our loved ones, to those closest to us, then to friends, and if we have something left over, to charitable causes, but the Government of Adrián Barbón seems that with the Other people's money wants to help strangers first than our neighbors who work and pay taxes in Asturias ”. "At VOX we are very clear," says Ignacio Blanco, "ours first, the Asturians who stand in line in the economic kitchen, and when everyone is covered, we will think about fixing the world, but not before."
Thus, the spokesman insists that "a thorough review of the regional accounts must be undertaken, since tax revenues will be reduced due to the effects of the foreseeable economic crisis, and public spending for the health service will increase." "The priority of public administrations," continues Blanco, "must be to solve the current health crisis and mitigate the consequences of the economic crisis, review the items of public funds and redirect any non-essential spending to the solution and mitigation of health crises and economic that will cross Spain in the coming months ", concludes the spokesman.

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