Ignacio Blanco, deputy and spokesman for VOX in the General Meeting, has harshly criticized the announcement of the delay in the school year announced by the Government of the Principality, in what in his opinion “is one more sign that the Government of President Barbón is not anticipating nothing, rather the opposite, she is reacting late and clumsily to all the events related to Covid-19, but above all in Education, where the Minister has been characterized by constantly being in tow and getting out of the way to make relapse all responsibility in schools ”.

“The delay in the school year – Ignacio Blanco continued – harms thousands of families and shows that there is no anticipation whatsoever in the Barbón government, which should now dismiss the Minister. This measure is a huge disruption for families, who had planned to start the school year in 10 days, and now they see that it is delayed two weeks to do some tests that could have been done before so as not to affect the beginning of the school year, with the The problem is that there are no campuses or activities for the little ones, so in the end many families will have to pull their grandparents, ask for leave of absence or vacations, just because of the abandonment and lack of foresight of the Minister and the Barbón government ”.

The VOX deputy points out that “we cannot continue for another minute with the Counselor out of nowhere: no plans, no measures, or the start of the school year. If I had said from the beginning that they would not do anything, everything would have been much better, because the centers had prepared for the return to school, but they have not done either one or the other, nor have they helped them, nor have they left to do. You can not do worse. The Councilor should resign, and if she does not, it is President Barbón who should personally take on this disaster at the beginning of the school year that we had already anticipated before the summer. And then we wonder why there are parents who consider not taking their children to school: with socialist governments like that of Barbón, the parents' fears are justified because it is like playing Russian roulette ”, he says.

“What has the Ministry of Education and its team been of use to? I think there is nothing, it is more if it had not existed, everything would have turned out much better ", considers Blanco, who recalls that" in the month of June we proposed from VOX that they be tested in hospitality to have safe establishments, but the PSOE said no, it was useless, but we see that they have reflected and in the face of going back to school if they already consider that our proposal on the tests gives students security. We are pleased that now the PSOE does believe that tests should be done to create safe environments, when it voted against VOX's proposal to test them for hospitality personnel ”, he concluded.

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