The deputy and spokesperson for VOX in the General Meeting of the Principality of Asturias, Ignacio Blanco, today questioned the 'Orange Alert' decreed by the Government of Asturias in five municipalities in eastern Asturias (Cabrales, Cangas de Onís, Llanes, Parres and Ribadesella) stating that "the 'Orange Alert' for the East is a populist attack against the hotel industry, one more example of the 'just in case' policy and the umpteenth example of the regional president's 'tourisphobia', Adrián Barbón".
Ignacio Blanco emphasizes that "this measure is not based on scientific recommendations, but on the 'just in case' policy that President Barbón has been applying, causing enormous damage to the tourism and hospitality sector, for which they have a good week of Summer can mean not starving for an entire winter month. The national and regional governments take very lightly how difficult it is to start and run a business. How difficult it is to give good service to clients, create a good name for yourself, pay all the bills, pass all the inspections, pay the payroll and social security at the end of the month, repay the loans or comply with all the bureaucratic requirements " .
For this reason, he warns that "without specific health measures, we are facing one more propaganda act by the socialist government to justify its inaction", and the VOX Asturias deputy adds that "the only thing that this measure has achieved is a bad image for the East and a wave of cancellations in hotels and rentals. Without any specific measure, justifying this announcement by a supposed ‘anticipation’, as the President of the Principality claims, is the same as recognizing that it only intends to deter visits in councils that largely live off tourism, generating disproportionate panic and threatening confinement. Even the municipal government of Llanes itself talks about creating "a distorted image of reality," causing it serious damage. "
Due to this state of affairs, "VOX has presented various parliamentary initiatives aimed at clarifying the reason for this measure and its justification," announced Blanco.
“Barbón,” Ignacio Blanco continued, “has entrusted his Legislature to live off the income of some‘ better data ’epidemic in Asturias while generating fear and threatening confinements, dissuading people from visiting our land. However, this has no logical basis: if he attributes the 'good' data to his management, he should assume what he now considers 'bad'. It only remains for him to attribute the rains and drop in temperatures announced for the weekend ”.
“At VOX we believe that the defense of health and the economy must coexist. What cannot be expected is that employment, tourism or hospitality are agonizing and are subject to daily harassment by the Asturian government ”, Ignacio Blanco concluded.

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