II Women and Leadership Conference

The event was closed by the Vice President of the Government for Economic Affairs, Nadia Calviño, who insisted on the need for: "The urgent thing does not prevent us from seeing what is important: gender equality, ecological transition and territorial cohesion." "This crisis has valued visible sectors, such as the police or health, but also others that were not as visible as the care sector, which is eminently female." "Economic recovery must attend to social sustainability." “If we are going to have to issue more debt, we cannot weigh down the future of the new generations; we must continue to invest in their future ”.

The inauguration was given by the President of CEOE, Antonio Garamendi, that in his speech he valued “The importance of reaching agreements, because that shows that Civil Society exists, exists” Garamendi also pointed out that: “Equality is achieved when we remove stereotypes and with blind eyes we choose the person who is prepared. Men and women are equal, we have to put this approach on the table to reach 5050 for the future. "

The President of 50 & 50 Gender Leadership, Gloria Lomana, assured in her speech that: "A new concept of more sustainable, responsible and egalitarian Leadership has been born that requires values ​​and commitments from us."

20 Outstanding business and political leaders have shared their experiences and the most inspiring keys to success for new female leaders.

The protagonists of this Conference have also been the #ChicasImparables, young adolescents participating in the Youth and Leadership program, promoted by 50 & 50 GL

This event has made it possible to visualize the importance of female leadership and the commitment of companies to diversity and equality, as an opportunity for them. The great objective, according to the president of 50 & 50 Gloria Lomana, is to achieve more sustainable leadership.

The Conference began at 10:00 a.m. and ended at 12:30 p.m. The event was broadcast live through the 50 & 50 GL website and through YouTube. It could also be followed up to the minute on the consultancy's social networks.

50 & 50 Gender Leadership is an Equality Consultant specialized in female leadership and in the purpose of shortening the deadlines for the achievement of full equality, engaging both companies, corporations and public institutions in this task. 50 & 50 GL works from the conviction that no democratic and honest society can wait a century to achieve effective equality between women and men.

During the Summit, the President of EY, Federico Linares, shared an exciting "hand in hand" with Rami Aboukhair, CEO of Banco Santander Spain.

The debate was a unique experience to listen to their opinions, based on their own experience, about what women add up to in companies. Rami Aboukhair opted for the new leaders, recalling that: “Until 1981 in our country a woman could not open an account without the authorization of her father, husband or tutor; That is why the bank created the “Generation 81” program to “Promote female talent, strengthen women's leadership, increase their participation in decision-making spheres and establish solid models that help us break gender stereotypes, through training, promoting professional careers and fostering entrepreneurship in women. women". He also pointed out “it is necessary for each of us, from our scope of action, to establish corrective measures and policies that promote work-life balance. That is why at Banco Santander we support diversity and whenever there is a vacancy, at least, there must be a woman's resume to fill it ”. "We want to give you training, support your projects and promote your entrepreneurship"he pointed to finish.

For its part, Federico Linares explained that “The leadership study we have just published on this pandemic shows that the new reality of business and the need for flexible work environments lead us to a model of a humanistic, digital and knowledgeable leader of the industry. He stands out for his human qualities, communication skills and effective team building. Furthermore, it is relevant that the report indicates that women feel as much or more prepared than men for new challenges: they show more self-confidence and their profile is more in line with the new leader's capabilities, including digital ones ”.

The survey, referred by Federico Linares and carried out by EY, it is titled: "Can uncertainty become the best leadership opportunity? Report Leadership in the new reality ". The Report was carried out anonymously from a selection of companies and points out both the problems and possible solutions to inequality between the sexes in companies. Jaime Sol, People Advisory Services for Hey, e Hildur Eir Jónsdóttir, Director Assurance Hey, revealed that 70% of business leaders feel prepared to face the challenges of the future. Also that, from the age of 45, women break the glass ceiling, showing levels of self-confidence higher than those of men.

Mapfre, another of the promoters of this event, is a company committed to the Sustainable Development Goals, which includes, as a primary challenge, that of achieving equality between men and women. For this purpose, it implements Diversity and Equal Opportunity policies that are based on respect for the individuality of people and the recognition of their heterogeneity, as well as promoting reconciliation measures among its employees.

Your president, Antonio Huertas, he assured during a debate with Marta Martinez, President of IBM Spain, moderated by Maria Vega, a journalist for El Español, that: “The pandemic should not stop everything we have achieved so far regarding the full incorporation of women at all levels of society. European funds have to serve to accelerate this process and one of the routes is employment, especially that of 'millennials', where there is at least 50% of female talent ready to take over. " The President of IBM Spain, encouraged the girls to lose their fear of technology: "Do what you want, but do not be afraid of technology careers."

Santander Bank, which hosted this II Women and Leadership Conference in its auditorium, has always shown the explicit commitment of its Senior Management to equal opportunities and the implementation of an inclusive culture within the company. In 2007 he signed the First Equality Plan for the financial sector. It already has more women than men in its workforce and among its initiatives to promote diversity are the elimination of salary inequality, mentoring programs for women and measures to facilitate motherhood and support parents.

In this II Conference, voices such as those of Maria Jesus Almazor, CEO of Telefónica España who, together with Pilar Martínez-Cosentino, Executive Vice President of Grupo Cosentino, Hortensia Roig, President of EDEM School of Entrepreneurs, and Marieta jimenez, Vice President in Europe of Merck shared a space for conversation on: "The vision of women as leaders of business, entrepreneurship and training" moderated by the President of the CEOE Foundation Fatima Banez. The latter valued data such as that "90 percent of the companies that are created fail, but 70 percent of the 'StartUps' that women start up succeed." Marieta jimenez He commented that: "Science will help us find a way out of this crisis, but as a society we must have the courage to reflect on what we are not doing well in the health field."

Maria Batet, Academic Director of the Youth and Leadership Programs #Girls, was realizing, throughout the entire II Day, a mural drawing on the topics discussed, which at the end of the event was projected on the Auditorium screen, to the great ovation of the attendees.

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