III Congress of Sports and Tourism Extremadura 2030

On October 7 and 8, the III Extremadura 2030 Sports and Tourism Congress was held, in which the president of the Tourism, Culture and Sports Council and CEOE Internacional, Marta Blanco, participated.

The objective of this event is to position sport within the tourism sector as one of the main axes on which to base the economic recovery and analyze the potential possibilities that this area offers.

The Congress has been organized by the Youth and Sports Foundation (FJyD), in collaboration with other institutions such as the Diputación de Cáceres and Badajoz, the Higher Sports Council, the Olympic and Paralympic Committees, ADESP, Extremadura Avante and AEXCID.

Speech by the president of the Tourism, Culture and Sports Council:

Marta Blanco made a presentation based on the conclusions of the Tourism-Company-Sports Conference held last June and originated in the Tourism and Sports Group chaired by CEOE. On this day, it was revealed, in public-private collaboration, what is considered essential to promote sports tourism as an industry and in the areas of collaboration, safe sport-safe tourism and sustainable, inclusive and social sports and tourism.

Among the reflections of the president of the Tourism, Culture and Sports Council, the following stand out:

  • Tourism and sports are two activities that generate wealth, employment, social welfare and cohesion in our country. However, if these sectors work together, their benefits can be multiplied.
  • Public-private collaboration is essential in sports tourism. This is understood as the transmission of knowledge by the private sector to public organizations in order to improve their decision-making. Proof of this is the success of the Safe Sport-Safe Tourism campaign carried out by Turespaña, the Higher Sports Council, the Ministry of Health, LaLiga and CEOE.
  • Sports tourism should take advantage of the opportunity offered by the plan that was presented on October 7 “Spain Can”. The Tourism and Sports Group can be an inspiration for the configuration of a macro-project that relaunches this industry. For this, a comprehensive and ambitious plan is required that brings together supply and demand, in which fundamental aspects such as technology are present.
  • Cooperation between administrations at all levels is essential for the management of sporting events. It is important to define common protocols to generate the greatest possible impact from these activities.

On the official website www.congresodeporturi.com, you can consult all the information related to the Congress, as well as the program and the speakers who have participated in the activity.

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