Improves the perception of exporting companies about the behavior of their order book

This evolution has led to an increase in the Synthetic Indicator of Exporting Activity (ISAE), which stands at 4.0 points (-1.5 in the previous quarter).

For the Secretary of State for Commerce, Xiana Méndez, "this indicator increases thanks to the more favorable evolution of external demand in an international context of less uncertainty and moderation of commercial tensions. Other factors that export companies perceive as positive are their ability to compete in the quality of its products and the availability of adequate human resources for export activity. The improvement in the export activity indicator is accompanied by an improvement in the hiring indicator for export personnel. "

The increase in the ISAE has been the result, essentially, of the behavior of the perception of the current order book (the balance indicator rises more than nine points and stands at 0.0), together with the increase in export expectations to three months (6.3 points versus 5.4 points in the third quarter). On the other hand, the twelve-month expectations are 15.7 points compared to 17.8 in the third quarter.

The three factors most cited for their positive influence on export activity remain the evolution of external demand (31.8%), quality competition (22.7%) and the availability of adequate human resources for export ( 18.6%).

International competition in prices and the price of raw materials have been the two factors most mentioned due to their negative influence, with percentages of 56.1% and 48.0%, respectively. Next, the price of oil (41.6%) and the evolution of external demand (38.4%) are placed.

In the evolution of the indicators related to employment or workforce hired in export tasks, the indicator of short-term contracting forecasts increases while that of the longer-term perspectives decreases.

In relation to export destinations, the value of the balance indicator of the order book in the current quarter clearly improves in all destinations except in Latin America and Oceania. The three-month order portfolio expectations are more favorable for all areas of Europe and for Africa, while it is reduced for the areas of America, Asia and Oceania.

The main export destinations for the next twelve months are: France (46.0%) and Germany (44.6%). Next, Italy (26.5%), Portugal (22.8%), United Kingdom (21.6%) and USA are located. (19.7%).

About the ISAE

It is a composite indicator that summarizes the information provided by the companies interviewed on the evolution of their export order portfolio in the reference quarter and the prospects at three and twelve months. This indicator can range between -100 and +100. Positive values ​​indicate a better perception of export activity and / or forecasts.

It is composed, in turn, of three simple indicators (balance of the order book of the current quarter, of three-month perspectives and of twelve-month perspectives) that are constructed by the difference between the percentage of companies that expect upward developments and those that do it down.

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