The Parliamentary Group Vox Cantabria has valued that "Nobody can give for good" the unemployment data known today in our region because "We have 40,000 people in Cantabria who want to work and cannot do it."

For Cristóbal Palacio, Vox parliamentary spokesman, the situation in Cantabria is "review" as there are 8,042 unemployed more than in July 2019 and cannot be considered "Consequence of coronavirus" when Cantabria "It has been adding unemployed for a year."

“The climbing of unemployed in Cantabria has been taking place since last summer. We have been adding unemployed each of the months for a year. There is a problem and it is serious ” Palacio has remarked.

For Vox, the figures certify the “Ineffectiveness of the socialist regional government of Revilla, expert in creating ad hoc jobs for its affiliates in public companies” while it is "Unable to implement policies that allow employers and freelancers to generate employment".

"If Revilla had the same interest in generating employment-creating policies as in placing its affiliates in public companies, in Cantabria we would have full employment", Vox spokesman stressed.

Palacio has stated that Revilla and his partners "They have no strategy" and neither "capacity" for "revive" to Cantabria from "lethargyIn which is "Engulfed" and of which they are "Guilty".

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