In defense of Hispanidad. VOX in Aragon vindicates the Spanish legacy in America. Through a PnL, it defends Hispanidad, a sample of multicultural and multiracial coexistence and integration in the history of humanity.

Likewise, VOX vindicates the Spanish language, culture, heroes and traditions. And it reaffirms the pride that comes from being part of the legacy of Hispanidad. "Because far from belonging exclusively to us, it forms the common legacy of all the peoples and nations of Latin America," says Deputy David Arranz.

Finally, VOX demands the condemnation of the acts of Hispanophobia against the Spanish heritage in the American continent. And it urges the Government of the nation to promote actions to defend the true history of integration and miscegenation of the Spanish Empire in America. And thus protect your memory.

Attacks on the Spanish legacy

In some countries of the American continent, the display of an iconoclastic fury represents an attack against the Spanish legacy in what was once called the New World.

Remove, tear down or damage statues of figures such as Isabel la Católica, Miguel de Cervantes, Cristóbal Colón or Fray Junípero Serra. Facts that suppose an absolute falsification of a history of universal scope. And also a serious irresponsibility of those who allow and encourage it. A sample of unjustified and unjustifiable Hispanophobia before which we Spaniards cannot sit idly by.

Unlike the way other nations established themselves in America, the Spanish presence in America sought the integration of those societies within Hispanic institutions.

Far from the caricature promoted by those who vandalize Hispanic-American monuments, the reality of the Spanish heritage did not imply an annihilation of the pre-Hispanic world.

For this reason, at VOX we cannot remain impassive in the face of the attacks our conquerors receive. Those who, born in the peninsula or even in New Spain, reached Canada. And they founded cities in what is now two-thirds of the United States.

For centuries, the Hispanic presence did not pose a threat to the natives, with whom agreements were established. A diplomatic experience to which even the Anglo-Saxons had to resort. That they are the real culprits, in the nineteenth century, for the disappearance of the local tribes.

VOX in Aragon, always in defense of our most glorious tradition and culture. As well as Hispanic values.

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