In defense of the institutions of the Spanish nation. The parliamentary group VOX in Aragon registers a Proposal not of Law on support to the institutions of the nation.

In its proposal, VOX claims to guarantee the independence of the Judiciary and avoid any type of political interference. It also prevents budget negotiations from affecting the normal functioning of the basic institutions and powers of the State.

The initiative also advocates defending and protecting the institution of the Crown. As well as the dignity and the figure of His Majesty the King Felipe VI, who embodies the indissoluble unity and historical continuity of the Spanish nation.

Finally, VOX demands that the government abide by and fulfill its promise to keep and enforce the Constitution with loyalty to the King. That the government itself prevent impunity for the coup plotters by granting them a pardon. And that it is firmly committed to restoring the rule of law in the Autonomous Community of Catalonia.

Government interference

The act of handing over dispatches from the Promotion of Judges, with the veto of the King's presence, has become an interference by the Government. An interference carried out under the excuse of not being able to guarantee your safety. But with the subsequent denial of the Minister of the Interior, the reason may be another.

Specifically, the imminent negotiation of the General State Budgets and the need for support. With what the presence of his Majesty the King in Catalonia was a stumbling block for the cabals of the President of the Government.

Scandal and attack on the independence of the Judiciary

The absence of the monarch in this act is a major scandal and a direct attack on the independence and dignity of the Judiciary. The President of the General Council of the Judiciary has expressed his regret and that of all the judges for the absence of His Majesty.

Various associations of judges and prosecutors have also expressed their rejection of the Executive veto as it is a totally arbitrary decision. That it does not respond to legal criteria but to spurious political interests.

Once again, from VOX, we see how the Government of the Nation gives in to those whose objective is to break the Constitutional Order. The possibility of a pardon for those sentenced on October 1 is a mockery of the rule of law. And one more step in the destruction of the Spanish Nation, as well as the rights and freedoms of the Spanish.

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