In defense of transparency and the improvement of municipal traffic regulations. Approved the two motions of VOX Zaragoza in the plenary session of the City Council.

In the first one, VOX, in an exercise of transparency, requested that the annual global amounts received by municipal groups be published on the municipal website. In the same way, the reports of the municipal intervention will be published, and the work to modify the Ordinance on Transparency will begin.

“When we request the global amounts we are not referring to the global amount that appears in the budgets, but broken down for each of the groups. It would be absurd for us to bother asking for something that is already public and notorious, and that is approved in the budgets. We request that it be broken down so that citizens have access to what amount each of the groups receives, not the global amount ”, the spokesman Julio Calvo has defended in his presentation. However, the three leftist formations abstained on this motion.

In the second motion, VOX obtains the support to urge the Government to carry out a study to determine which aspects of the municipal traffic regulations should be updated, modified or corrected. Subsequently, within a period of three months from the end of said report, a new General Traffic Ordinance will be issued.

“The municipal regulations in general and the traffic ordinance in particular require a regulatory update and refresh our ordinances. We find a higher level regulation that is more up-to-date. From VOX we have taken care to speak with many affected people. They have informed us about the need to update the regulations, taking into account more homogeneous, up-to-date criteria and always looking for a technical profile ”, the VOX councilor, Carmen Rouco, defended in the Plenary Hall.

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