Several representatives of the Platform "The Cotl" of Benicasim, integrated by neighbors of the streets near the square "The Clot" Y to the Paseo de la Alameda, have met this morning with José Carlos García Sampayo, mayor of the City Council, and Pepe Aymerich Miralles, coordinator of VOX Benicasim, to analyze the proposal of the government team of the City of Benicasim to install a Polifunctional in a plot next to the Doloretes Children's School. as they have commented to the mayor of the government team.

Before addressing the viability of this facility, the weaknesses and threats that residents in this neighborhood of the city have been suffering have been identified, “The neighbors have been suffering from vandalism during the holidays and on weekends. The Plaza de El Clot has become the park of the bottle, sex and drugs ”. To the noise and the screams of the concentrates, it is necessary to add the garbage that these uncontrolled adolescents generate with glasses, cans and bottles of alcohol, which most of the time, are thrown into the enclosures of the residents, which causes a discomfort of continuous form Despite the complaints filed with the government team of the city council, the bottles are not eradicated from this area and every weekend that passes the number of concentrates increases.

Thus, if the current situation of the “El Clot” square is added a leisure facility such as the Polifunctional, contemplated in the 2020 budgets, then the problems of coexistence in the mentioned square will be increased, so the Multifunctional would become a threat to residents of the area of ​​"El Clot".

Vox Benicasim regrets that Susana Marqués, Mayor, has not wanted to receive, to date, the representatives of this platform to expose the situation in which they are living and express their position on the proposal of the government team to install the Polifunctional in your neighborhood, despite having requested it in writing in the month of December 2019 and having more than 350 guarantees from neighbors. Mrs. Mayor will turn a deaf ear to the claims of more than 350 Benicenses?

VOX Benicasim has committed to the “El Clot” platform to bring its claims to the Plenary Session of the City Council and will propose that the installation of the Polifunctional be done in the space between Teresa Tárrega García and Isaac Peral streets or in the expropriated land of the FIB, where there is a large area that can house the facility and a parking area.

VOX will be the voice of the neighbors in the Plenary and will say loud and clear: IN THE CLOT NO!

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