Papers thrown on public roads and plastics everywhere on the banks of the Gállego river. This is the panorama that any foreigner and neighbor of San Mateo finds in the town. Right now, the lack of cleanliness is "out of the question" and VOX is determined not to allow it.

The cleaning of the streets and the maintenance in the town are the main objectives of the most recent policy of VOX in San Mateo de Gállego. As its councilor, Rubén Gerique, attests, "we have a cleaning deficit and therefore there is an imperative need to act to avoid it"

Gerique points out that the filth floods streets, sidewalks, public roads in general. It is even present on the banks of the river. What makes a good feeling difficult for those who want to walk around the area.

As for maintenance, "the main action – says the councilor – is pruning the trees." Some branches even cover traffic signs. Necessary for a correct and safe circulation in the town.

Carlos Rodrigo, Deputy-Spokesperson for VOX in the Zaragoza Provincial Council, has recently visited San Mateo de Gállego. Speaking with his councilor, he emphasizes supporting this initiative. «Because Rubén, along with Alfonso and other affiliates, are doing a great job. They have great concern for their neighbors. And this is confirmed by the future work they will have to carry out to achieve the stated objectives.

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