In the workplace, PCR will only be carried out on suspected cases

This document, worked on and agreed upon with the autonomous communities, and approved by the Occupational Health Report, reminds that PCR tests must be carried out on all cases suspected of infection in the first 24 hours.

The text, which complements the "Diagnosis, surveillance and control strategy in the transition phase of the COVID-19 pandemic", considers prevention services at the company level to be crucial, stressing the importance of their collaboration with health authorities in the early detection of all cases compatible with COVID-19 to control transmission.

"Their participation in the National Network of Epidemiological Surveillance with the collection of information and notification is an obligation, but also a fundamental action in the control and monitoring of cases and contacts in the workplace," says the document.

In line with the WHO recommendations, the text reminds that the use of PCR or other molecular diagnostic technique considered appropriate should be prioritized over other strategies.

Case notification

The "Instructions on the conduct of diagnostic tests for the detection of COVID-19 in the field of companies" stresses the obligation that all centers, services and health facilities for clinical diagnosis, publicly or privately owned, must notify the health authority of the autonomous community confirmed COVID-19 cases after carrying out the diagnostic tests.

"Likewise, any entity of public or private nature that, in relation to the diagnostic tests for the detection of COVID-19, acquires swabs for sampling, virus transport medium, inactivation reagents, nucleic acid extraction kits or reactions PCR, or rapid diagnostic tests must inform the competent health authority of the autonomous community in which they are located and / or provide their services, with express indication of the type of material, number of units purchased and destination of use " concludes.

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