Javier Ortega Smith has been present at RNE where he has been interviewed and asked about different issues among which the pacts, the formations, budgets or the trial of Procés, which was seen yesterday for judgment, have stood out.

Asked about the efficiency of the law in the trial before us, he affirmed that it is enough to carry out a just condemnation, but that measures will be proposed in Congress so that the rebellion, understood as a breach of the order, of the Constitution or of the Spanish Nation, enjoy greater protection in criminal legislation.

With regard to everything that has happened throughout the more than fifty sessions, he pointed out that VOX has always acted according to the law, at all times adjusting to the law and professionalism of the trade and leaving political considerations outside the room where judgments were made, not opinions.

As for the defense lawyers, he said that a behavior guided by political criteria has been observed, where sometimes the legal aspect has remained in the background. It is true that he has not extended this behavior to everyone, since he has made it clear that there have been exceptions.

Speaking of pacts has made clear the willingness of VOX to a predisposition for the agreement, which has appealed to the common sense of PP and C's for the sake of expelling the left in Madrid. In addition, it has made it clear that VOX has come to politics to make their votes effective and, in the proportion that corresponds to them, we will be demanding.

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