INAEM message on the occasion of World Theater Day 2020

A March 27 more willing to celebrate World Theater Day. But this March 27, 2020 is not one more on the calendar, because we will not be able to enjoy the enormous pleasure that comes from attending the theater.

The art of the stage has endured century after century: no war, no natural catastrophe, no fall of great empires has managed to overcome it. And of course, no coronavirus, as atrocious as it may be, will succeed.

March 27, 2020 will go down in history as that World Theater Day in which all our stages remained in the dark, only illuminated by the witness light; in which the actors did not have the opportunity to give voice to the classic and contemporary playwrights; in which the technicians could not fulfill their indispensable task of making it possible for the curtain to rise and remain lifted throughout the performance; And worst of all, the day when the public had to stay at home, with their unfulfilled desire to participate in community in this wonderful ritual.

Achieving that all this happens again, that ultimately everything returns to its natural course, will not be an easy task and will have to be a task shared by all, which will require a lot of solidarity and dedication. Task in which those of us who hold public office have an immense responsibility not only towards the artists and professionals of the theater but before the whole of society. A responsibility aimed at preserving the theatrical legacy; to support the work of our artists, the weakest link in the cultural chain; to prevent the destruction of artistic employment and that linked to it; to strengthen the business and associative structures necessary to provide muscle to the theater and the rest of the performing arts.

We celebrate this March 27 with uneasiness and with some uneasiness but that this concern does not paralyze us, but rather puts us under pressure to know that we must rise to the challenge and that we are going to fight hard from the public side to recover everything that is coronavirus is trying to snatch us.

Miguel's Amaya
INAEM General Director

You can download the INAEM Message on the occasion of World Theater Day HERE

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