INAP maintains the training of female and male employees, reinforcing electronic learning

INAP maintains all of its training activities for female and male civil servants, and will be conducted electronically, while the state of alarm lasts.

Planned activities

Among the activities that are carried out or will be carried out telematically, the following stand out:

A. Official university masters:

  • XXVI selective course-III edition of the university master's degree in Information Systems and Technologies for the General State Administration, in collaboration with the UIMP, which just opened this week.
  • The university master's degree in Urbanism and Territorial Studies is being developed, in collaboration with the UIMP.
  • The activity of the master's degree in Public Management and Leadership continues, in collaboration with the UIMP.
  • In the coming days, the activities, in collaboration with the UIMP, of the LIII selective course of the Superior Body of Civil Administrators of the State-IV edition of the master's degree Civil Administration of the State will resume.

B. Formative itineraries of local formation:

  • Local Public Procurement Itinerary (250 hours).
  • Itinerary of specialist in Planning and Control of Urban Activity (209 hours).
  • Human Resources specialist itinerary (209 hours).

C. Learning experiences "at your own pace". New activities of these characteristics will be organized in the coming days, which are resources for autonomous learning without limit of participants.

D. Organization of webinars, online conferences, offered in open.

E. The entire training call for this semester is being adapted, which represents the suppression of the classroom training activity, expanding the telematic training offer.

F. The open supply of resources is intensifying. They highlight, among others:

  • Enhancement of INAP videos and training resources. Classification, labeling and summary to make them available to interested students.
  • To relaunch INAP's Share space, for open resource exchange with all autonomous public administration schools and institutes.
  • Intensify attention to online users to improve their access and use of available resources.

In summary, INAP fully maintains its activities with this decision, without having to suspend its programming due to the state of alarm, taking advantage of the possibilities that new technologies allow today, and always attending to the demands, training and promotion of female employees and public employees.

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