The highlighted sections that can be accessed and take advantage of the available resources are the following:

  • Shared knowledge: you can access multimedia resources from INAP, such as its media library; to the professional social network of the Public Administration, INAP Social; the INAP knowledge bank, where materials produced by the institute are gathered and which includes a space for good practices in public administrations; and "at your own pace" learning experiences, which are structured resources for autonomous learning without tutoring or deadlines. Finally, you can access "Share", a space for the exchange of training activities, content and materials corresponding to learning experiences of INAP and the rest of the training promoters in public administrations.
  • Open publications: access to the journals that INAP publishes openly, with an outstanding historical record; to other INAP publications through its online bookstore; to the current Administration, to which anyone can subscribe and receive a daily newsletter, or to Ágora, a bibliographic information system on matters related to public Administration.
  • Content curation area: open resources for learning shared by institutions, entities and other public administrations. Here we can find links to training pills, videos, webinars, blogs and other content of interest contributed by citizens as well as by public and private organizations.
  • Training and open materials of schools and institutes of public administration: links to training resources offered openly by different schools and institutes of public administration of the autonomous communities.

This environment is collaborative and the materials are updated with the contributions that the users themselves propose. Any interested person or organization can participate in this open initiative and join in with contributions that enrich and broaden its content.

INAP maintains its training activities electronically

On the other hand, INAP does not close during the state of alarm and maintains training activities for female and male employees electronically. Therefore, official university masters continue to be taught, such as the XXVI selective course-III edition of the university master's degree in Information Technology Systems of the General State Administration, the university master's degree in Urbanism and Territorial Studies, the university master's degree in Management and Public Leadership or the LIII selective course of the Superior Body of Civil Administrators of the State-IV edition of the university master's degree Civil Administration of the State, all in collaboration with the UIMP.

INAP also maintains its activity telematically in local training itineraries, online conferences and open learning. In summary, INAP maintains its activities without suspending its programming, taking advantage of the possibilities that information and communication technologies allow today and always attending to the demands, training and promotion of public employees and employees.

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