Industry presents to Alcoa two continuity proposals for the San Cibrao plant

In his presentation, Blanco has pointed out that "Alcoa is not neutral in the evolution of prices, but rather causes price changes, which generates known situations in the aluminum market; it is difficult to understand that this is a coincidence." Then he mentioned the situations of the plants of the North American company in Quebec (Canada), Ferndale (Washington, USA) and Corsica (France): "The San Cibrao thing is not an isolated phenomenon, we have experienced it in A Coruña and Avilés. It comes from a corporate strategy of the oligopoly of the aluminum producers, which generates the consequences that we are seeing. "

He later mentioned the case of the agreement signed by Alcoa in Norway: "The Norwegian agreement is perfectly reproducible in Lugo. I do not think that building a wind farm is cheaper or more competitive in Norway than in Galicia, and I do not think that alumina in Norway is more competitive than in San Cibrao. There may be new initiatives that give continuity and industrial viability to San Cibrao, both in alumina and in primary aluminum. "

At the meeting, Blanco presented a ten-year industrial plan with two proposals framed in a bilateral contract with various energy sources (100/200 MW high-efficiency gas, 400 MW wind farm and 800 MW photovoltaic park) and a energy price in a range of 25 to 35 MW / ha from the instruments currently in progress and from the entry of partners: "It is the price that the Xunta, the workers and the company have asked for. The price of energy is not the problem. San Cibrao is viable, you can do a PPA with an eye toward the future, produce green hydrogen and introduce a cleaner and more sustainable production process, "said Blanco; "In addition, trends are going to favor us, because in a long-term environment we are going to lower prices, thanks to the introduction of renewable energy."

Blanco added that "there are people willing to enter as an energy partner or as an industrial partner; if there is a will, there is a solution, but it depends on the company", and made it very clear that "this proposal is incompatible with presenting an ERE the day after tomorrow; if Alcoa He wants, we will be helping, and if Alcoa does not want him to sell the installation and make way for others. "

Throughout the meeting, he expressed his surprise that the Xunta "has aligned itself against the Government, giving Alcoa oxygen," and has pointed out that "if the Employment Regulation File is initiated, the other part of the Administration exists, And it will intervene. It will be the labor authority, that is, the Xunta, the competent authority to manage the process. I hope that the minister is demanding with the company to defend the rights of San Cibrao workers. "

The Councilor for Economy and Industry of the Xunta, Francisco Conde, the delegate of the Government in Galicia, Javier Losada, the President of Alcoa in Spain, Álvaro Dorado, the president of the company committee, José Antonio Zan, and the autonomous heads of industry of UGT (José Luis Combarro and Javier Carreiro), CCOO (Víctor Ledo and Xoan Xosé Bouzas) and CIG (Paulo Carril). Also attending were the deputy delegate of the Government in Lugo, Isabel Rodríguez, the director general of Industry and SMEs of the Ministry, Galo Gutiérrez, the director general of Industry and Mines of the Xunta, Ángel Bernardo Tahoces, the director general of IGAPE, Juan Manuel Cividanes, the deputy deputy director of Electric Power of the Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge, Carlos Redondo, and several representatives of the San Cibrao works council.

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