Industry requires Alcoa to justify that it meets the job maintenance requirements necessary to receive CO2 aid

"This Government has not put itself in profile. On the contrary, we have always maintained an attitude of dialogue and proactivity in order to find viable solutions to maintain industrial capacities and employment," said Minister Reyes Maroto and has listed the actions taken carried out by the Ministry in support of the Galician naval sector, with examples such as intervention to resolve the crisis of the HJBarreras shipyard or the award of the contract for five F-110 frigates to Navantia Ferrol. "In the face of industrial problems in Galicia, solutions from the Government of Spain", he added

Maroto has also provided the data for the reindustrialization plan, which has enabled more than 204 million euros to be mobilized since 2013. Regarding CO2 aid, more than 66 million euros have been mobilized, of which 42 million were invested last year. Lastly, the Minister recalled the support for the self-employed and entrepreneurs through 205 participatory loans from ENISA for an amount of 52.3 million euros.


In relation to the situation of the Alcoa plant in San Cibrao, the minister explained that the Ministry has required the company to justify that it meets the job maintenance requirements necessary to be able to receive the CO2 subsidies, established in the article. 5 ('Obligations of beneficiaries of aid to the electrointensive industry') of the Royal Decree-Law 20/2018, of December 7of urgent measures to boost economic competitiveness in the industry and commerce sector in Spain: "CO2 subsidies are conditional on the company maintaining jobs for three years, therefore we require Alcoa to justify the fulfillment of those commitments, and where appropriate, we are going to demand the repayment of the aid ".

In relation to the celebration yesterday afternoon of the Multilateral Working Table, which was attended by the central and autonomous administrations, the Galician unions and the plant's works council, he specified that "Alcoa is the enemy, and I regret that yesterday the Xunta aligned itself with Alcoa very clearly against the Government, giving oxygen to the company so that those jobs are lost. "

When asked by VOX deputy José María Figaredo, Reyes Maroto made it clear that "we have worked to present an industrial plan, and Alcoa told us yesterday that they do not want this industrial plan, that they do not want to continue in A Mariña. And the time that It tells us that they do not want an industrial plan, they ask us for 38.4 million euros for CO2 compensation. This is Alcoa: subsidies, subsidies, subsidies, and not an industrial project and to protect the workers. "

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